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  • Carbon Italian (Ex-Mercato)/

    Booth 123, 1/F, Block D, Hangzhou Mansion (next to Starbucks) 杭州大厦D座1楼123商铺 (星巴克隔壁)
    0571 8190 5656
  • Main image of venue: Carbon Italian (Ex-Mercato)/
  • 11am - 11pm

Wagas, West Town InTime Branch/沃歌斯, 城西银泰店

1F076B, InTime Mall, 380 Fengtan Road 丰潭路380号城西银泰城1F076B
0571 8683 1792
8am - 10pm

Wagas, Qinchengli Branch/沃歌斯, 亲橙里店

6-113, Building 6, Qinchengli, 961 West Wenyi Road 文一西路961号亲橙里6栋6-113号
0571 8804 1901
8am - 10pm

Wagas, HIC Branch/沃歌斯, 黄龙万科中心店

1-101, K-lab, HIC, 77 Xueyuan Road 学院路77号黄龙国际中心K-lab1楼101室
0571 8795 6503
8am - 10pm

Wagas, Raffles City Branch/沃歌斯, 来福士店

No. 29b/30, 1/F, Raffles City, 228 Xinye Road 新业路228号来福士中心L1层29b&30号
0571 8796 1123
8am - 10pm

Wagas, Kerry Centre Branch/沃歌斯, 嘉里中心店

1/F, Buliding 3, Kerry Centre, 353 Qingchun Road 延安路353号杭州嘉里中心3幢1层
0571 8711 5703
8am - 10pm

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