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ZJ Taco & Grill Bar is a new restaurant in the north part of town, near the Grand Canal and Lishui Road. The owner, Xiao Gao, is an art school graduate and her aesthetic sensibilities definitely shines through in the clean and modern interior design. The food has also received her artist’s treatment and is colour coordinated and attractive.

As for the taste, don’t come expecting authentic Mexican. Do you have an aversion to the zing of cilantro, feel that the sourness of lemons is just too much or wilt in the presence of chilies? Basically, if you ever wished that Mexican food could be predominantly sweet, then your dreams have come true at ZJ Taco & Grill. Burritos (36-42RMB), tacos (36-42RMB), salsa and guacamole are also a bit sweet.

With the burgers, the saltiness of the beef patty reduces the overall sweetness and it gets better when you choose a burger with salty bacon. Some interesting burger combinations include the peanut butter and bacon PB Burger (45RMB for a single patty, 65RMB for double patty), Crisp Lotus Avocado (49RMB for a single, 69RMB for a double), roasted pineapple Hawaii Burger (49RMB for a single, 69RMB for a double) and Soft Shell Crab Burger (89RMB).

There are vegetarian options and many choices for the health conscious such as yogurt fruit bowls (24-29RMB), fresh fruit juice blends (22-38RMB) and ZJ’s Famous Crayfish & Avocado Super Bowl (49RMB). Mexican beers available too – Corona (29RMB) and Dos Equis (39RMB).

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108, Buliding 8, Greenland Central Plaza, 98 Daguan Road

135 8840 8605

Opening Hours:
10am - 10:30pm
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