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Zhu En Guan/主恩馆
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There’s no shortage of Korean restaurants in Hangzhou and it is hard to stick out from the crowd. We visited Zhu En Guan on Gudun Road, just north of West Wensan Road and found something unique. Although this place has actually been open for 9 years, we have finally stepped our feet there. They have BBQ, of course, but their specialty is dishes and the Korean take on hot pot. Needless to say, we were impressed.

We started off with the Kimchi Pancake (30RMB), Pan Fried Bean Curd (13RMB), Boiled Egg Roll (15RMB), and Fried Sliced Rice Cake (20RMB). All were delicious and affordable vegetarian options. All plates were happily cleaned. We shared the obligatory Bibimbap (28RMB) and drenched it with their delicious homemade sauce. Actually, we put that sauce on just about everything. The Boiled Beef with Hot Stone (35RMB) came with an order of rice and would make an excellent meal for the single diner. Finally, there was their specialty hot pot, the Bean Curd Casserole (65RMB). The tofu was soft and flavorful with lots of veggies in the mix. The delicious leftover soup became a hot commodity once we finished everything else.

The menu is in English, Korean, and Chinese, so no worries there. And with a final bill of 198RMB for five people, we foresee coming back here often. Parking and English menu are available.

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353 Gudun Road (junction of Jindan Road)

0571 8898 0021

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm
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