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Zhi Wei Guan, Yanggongdi Branch/知味观味庄
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The Zhi Wei Guan on Yanggong Causeway isn't new, but since we're moving outdoors this month, it is an essential inclusion. On our recent visit to the spectacularly-situated restaurant, we encountered even more of a wait than usual because it was the only sunny day in a week of rain, and everyone and their grandmother was out trying to take advantage of the respite. We stupidly chose to go at high lunchtime because we, like the masses, were anxious about getting out and enjoying the sunshine. An important decision had to be made however. The wait was shorter for indoor seating, and outdoors they were only serving dim sum. Inside it was. We still sat there thirty minutes waiting. A word of advice, go after 1pm or 7:30pm and you'll be fine. We even saw them seating people at 2pm. Now, we've been to ZWG a good number of times, and each time we've sat in different spots. It's a crapshoot. Our last trip was positively irksome as we were placed in the large dining room upstairs in the main building. Trust us. Hold out for a good place. The patio is the choicest (clearly), but if you're not willing to wait that long, at least wait to be placed in one of the four outer building, three of which straddle the water.

Patience is the word of the day, so don't go too hungry. After waiting for your seat, you're gonna be waiting for your food, especially since the layout is so spread out. Probably why there are steady complaints about the service here. Our first four dishes came one at a time. Our final two dishes, though, came a whopping hour after we'd sat down. We tried to cancel, but got the ever-so standard reply of, It's on the way.

Right! But, we've gotta say that the Good Luck Ribs were damned worth it they must have steamed them the whole hour because the sweet, tender meat fell right off the bones. And that brings us to our final words on this restaurant: People love to bitch and moan about this Zhi Wei Guan, but when it comes right down to it, the location's great and the food is fantastic. Some must haves are the Gold Medal Pork, Tofu with Crab Meat, Eel Slices with Shrimp, and definitely one or two selections from the dim sum menu. English and picture menu available. 

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10-12 Yanggong Di

0571 8797 0568

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 2pm, 4:30pm - 9pm
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