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Zheng Dian Tea Restaurant/蒸点茶餐厅
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Next time you're downtown around Tiyuchang Road, there's a place you can try that won't wipe out your bank account. We're talking about a little hole in the wall called Zheng Dian, and it caught our attention while we were on the prowl for food with local flavor. This isn't a high-level spot, but it will surprise you with a variety of dumplings and other steamed goods they have on offer. Most are priced around 7RMB, with set meals hovering around 12-16RMB. Our meal featured a dish of cha shao sweet braised pork with sides of tomato and egg, pickled veggies, and rice. We also tried a few of the steamed treats, including very delicious chao shao bao steamed buns with the same amazing, sweet braised pork inside, xiao long bao soup-filled dumplings, xia jiao shrimp dumplings, and sliced fish in broth with tofu. It's worth noting that hotpot is also available when the bitter cold of winter replaces the oppressive heat of summer. There's also a great assortment of blended drinks, milk tea combos with tapioca pearls and fresh flavors like papaya, watermelon, pumpkin, coconut, red bean, and vanilla. There are also fresh coffee drinks that start around 12RMB. Desserts are priced between 4-8RMB. They’ll deliver locally with a 20RMB minimum order. Look for the big yellow sign to guide your way in. Parking sucks, but you probably already guessed that when we said “downtown.”

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12 Zhubi Lane One

158 6719 5686

Opening Hours:
8am - 10:30pm

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