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Zaofeng Nianjian, Ding’an Branch/灶丰年间, 定安店
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We were walking down Ding'an road recently and noticed a new addition, an old-looking building, made of wood, with these huge urns of wine sitting out front. We decided to take a gander and were pleasantly surprised at the inside. Fabulous, carved wooden beams. Unfinished, brick walls. High A-framed ceiling. All very countrified. Even the menu was charming printed on brown butcher paper. The slogan on the menu reads: The Food Will Remind You of Your Mother's Cooking. Guess that means if your mother is a good cook and all. But their food is fantastic. Their specialty is soup, and there are plenty to choose from. We selected the Pork and Octopus Soup, and it wasn't at all disappointing. We emptied the home-style soup pot. But, since we couldn't make a meal out of just soup, we added some cold dishes to it. Try the Sichuan Cold Noodle, or liang pi (cold skin). The Honey-roasted Sweet Potatoes were another treat. Very sweet, but they blended nicely with the other foods we ordered. Since we were in a homey place, we decided to get a little warm Yellow Wine with Ginger. Another great compliment to the meal. If you haven't tried yellow wine, you should. Yes, a lot of people think it's for bumpkins, but compared to baijiu it's heaven. Not that baijiu is horrible and all, but it's a seriously bad drunk; whereas, yellow wine is nice and smooth. The seating here is limited. There aren't any private rooms, but there is a nice little area in the back. That night it was occupied by the owner and his friends, but if you've got a group, you can probably book it. This place is laid back, has got good food, and won't set you back too much. Give it a try. You Can Order: bull; Ribs and Seaweed Soup 海带排骨汤 hai dai pai gu tang 38RMB/big, 28RMB/small bull; Yellow Beans and Pig Feet Soup 黄豆猪手汤 huang dou zhu shou tang 38RMB/big, 28RMB/small bull; Mushrooms and Horse Feet Soup 山菌马蹄汤 shan jun ma ti tang 38RMB/big, 28RMB/small bull; Chicken Soup 滋补土鸡汤 zi bu tu ji tang 56RMB/big, 46RMB/small bull; Pork and Octopus Soup 墨鱼排骨汤 mo yu pai gu tang 48RMB/big, 38RMB/small bull; Secret Made Cola Drunk Shrimp 秘制可乐醉虾 mi zhi ke le zui xia 22RMB/bull; Minced Pork and Egg Pancake 混蛋肉饼 hun dan rou bing 18RMB/bull; Cauliflower Cooked with Beef 花菜烧牛腩 hua cai shao niu nan 22RMB/bull; Charcoal BBQ Meat 炭火烤肉 tan huo kao rou 26RMB/bull; Spicy Ribs 一桶香辣骨 yi tong xiang la gu 32RMB/bull; Deep Fried Cured Fish 香炸腊鱼 xiang zha la yu 25RMB/bull; Honey-roasted Sweet Potatoes 蜂蜜烤番薯 feng mi kao fan shu 25RMB/bull; Beef Cooked with Eggs 牛腩虎皮蛋 niu nan hu pi dan 28RMB/bull; Black Carp Cooked with Pork 青鱼干烧肉 qing yu gan shao rou 32RMB/bull; Anodonta Cooked in Soy Sauce 酱烧河蚌 jiang shao he bang 28RMB/bull; Signature Cured Duck 招牌卤鸭 zhao pai lu ya 20RMB/bull; Sichuan Cold Noodles 美味凉皮 mei wei liang pi 8RMB/bull; Sliced Boiled Beef 白切牛肉 bai qie niu rou 18RMB/bull; Yellow Wine with Ginger 姜丝黄酒 jiang si huang jiu 38RMB.

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126 Ding’an Road

0571 8708 0055

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 9pm

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