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From the creative minds behind Hangzhou’s one and only Amigos comes the newest addition to the family in the form of a little brother, Yummy. However, while perhaps looking up to and learning from its older sibling, Yummy also wishes to make its own mark on Hangzhou’s night scene.

Yummy, much like Amigo’s, serves a multitude of purposes – whether that be grabbing a quiet drink on one of their sofas, pulling up a chair at the bar or sitting down to a full meal. The tastefully decorated interior is given an air of sophistication through the high, two-story ceilings, and as the lights dim and the candles are lit, an ideal dating environment forms.

As the name suggests, Yummy principally, but by no means solely, aims to supply patrons with a fine dining experience. Tastes from around the world are cooked with flair and served up in a way that favours a Chinese style of eating. That is to say, most dishes come in a platter form, perfect for sharing and making being jealous of what your neighbour ordered a thing of the past.

The menu is quite diverse. There’s a range of tastes and textures that will satisfy any palate, with crowd-pleasers placed side by side with stuff less heard of. The Tom Yam Soup (35RMB) carried a mild, yet well flavoured spice while the New Zealand Sirloin Steak (228RMB) arrived cut and ready to share. Towards the more unknown end of the spectrum, the Vegetable Salad with Tofu and Japanese Sauce (38RMB) was extremely refreshing and the Okra on Ice (38RMB) served as ideal warmer with a medley of veg served with dips. Other innovative dishes include the Fried Beef with Oats and Beans (68RMB), Grilled Basa Fish with Breadcrumbs (38RMB) and the Chef’s Special Plate (48RMB), all of which are served imaginatively and without skimping on portion size.

Although Yummy does more than well in the food department, it carries the family trait when it comes to keeping its customers’ thirsts quenched. A boastful list of cocktails, again including tried and tested favourites and house specials alike, is at the ready: Negroni (60RMB), Blue Hawaii (60RMB) and Blood Sand (60RMB) to name but a few. Add to this a whiskey list even fanatics would be unable to scoff at and a selection of drafts (Carlsberg 30RMB, Vedette 55RMB) and make asking yourself whether or not to have one more a non-question.

Yummy’s will offer many drinks promotions and specials in much the same ilk of Amigos. Menus in English. Smoking allowed, parking available.

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1/F, 23-1 East Huancheng Road

0571 8702 7799

Opening Hours:
5pm - 2am

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