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Yu Xiang Long Chongqing Hot Pot/渝香隆重庆火锅城
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For those hot pot virgins yet to try this delight, do not be intimidated by the bubbling cauldron that appears in front of you. To understand what the hot pot experience is, you have to think D.I.Y fondue or stew or broth or... you get the idea. The real beauty of this delight is that you can add whatever you want. Our party plumped for this restaurant as a Chongqing variation to other hot pot establishments and promptly discovered a new meaning to the term spicy. With two sides to the pot one for the men (spicy: immodium-needed-the-next-day-spicy) and one for the mice (mild: for the less adventurous), we set about adding potatoes, pork, beef, mushrooms, tofu noodles, bok choy, etc. However, before long, those who had ventured to the spicy side of the pot, lost all feeling in their mouth and lips. But hey, at least they weren't feeling cold! But seriously, this is a trip well worth taking, if not just for laughing at your companion's contorted facial expression when he takes that one mushroom that's been at the bottom of the spicy side for too long (trust me!). The restaurant is warm and has a cosy vibe to it (or perhaps that was just the ingredients), and although the selection of beers needs improving, it is just as easy to pop over the road and grab some before you arrive (as we had to with our case of Gold Siwo). The location is good for your after dinner activities (lets be honest, probably another bar eh?) with 7 Club only five minutes walking time. All-in-all, well worth a

That night we ate:  * Suck bone hot pot 筒骨鸳鸯锅  * Spicy beef 霸王牛肉  * Sliced beef 牛肉卷  * Sliced mutton 羊肉卷  * Sichuan sausage 四川香肠 * Sliced black fish 黑鱼片 * Duck blood 鸭血 * Quail eggs 鹌鹑蛋 * Egg sheet dumplings 蛋饺 * Spinach 菠菜 * Potato 土豆  * Frozen Tofu 冻豆腐 * Bean sprouts 豆芽菜 * Mushrooms 蘑菇 * Winter melon 冬瓜 * Lettuce 生菜 * Bok Choy 青菜  * Leeks 京葱 * Peanut butter 花生酱 * Chili sauce 辣椒酱 * Gold Siwo beer 金西湖

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106 Baochu Road

0571 8511 1020

Opening Hours:
10am - 5am
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