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Yu Rong Fu Hot Pot, Wantang Branch/御荣府火锅,万塘店
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Well, some of us just can't live without spicy food, we've heard so many times when a green horn first came to China, and couldn't stand hot pot, then became a huge fan a few months later, that's the charm of hot pot. You love it or you hate it.

Well, while the weather is not too hot yet, head to one of the best hot pots one more time before summer comes. This place is a real Sichuan hot pot place, and comes from Chengdu, it's also a must visit if you go to Sichuan, but now you can have it here without flying all the way to there. As we know Sichuan hot pot is famous for its mala, the hot pot soup has been boiling down for hours with all kinds of spices and ingredients such as flower pepper, chili, ginger, garlic... I never forget when I took my trip to Chengdu, the numbness feeling of my lips after had the hot pot, I really thought I was Angelina Jolie then.

This Yu Rong Fu hot pot has opened four branches in Hangzhou, they are in Binjiang, Dongpo Road, Wangjiang Road and Wantang Road, the door of the restaurant is painted in red, blue and gold, just like those old style big house in Beijing and Chengdu. The décor is very Sichuan, big square tables with benches around. Four of us hungry girls were ready to release our belt to stuff ourselves, and we did. Our bill came as more than 400RMB, no alcohol included, only two pitchers of plum juice, which was 20RMB each, the rest were all food. The food items are about the same as any other hot pot: beef, lamb, potato, noodles, mushrooms, cabbage... order whatever you want, oh, did we mention they do have a station that you can mix your own sauce, there are about more than fifteen types of sauce, I know each of us came back to table with three bowls of mixed different flavoured sauce.

Last thing that we have to mention is it's a great place for midnight supper after you washed down pints of beer, just head off to these two branches, because the one on Wantang Road opens till 3am, and the other one opens till 5am.

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262 Wantang Road

0571 8767 1679

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 3am

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