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Yishan Yishi Scenery Restaurant/依山依市美景餐厅
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Yishan Yishi is not a particularly easy to find, but once you walk out onto the decking you realise it is well worth the effort. The outdoor area, covered by a canopy and with seating for about forty or so, has a view sure to make some of that built up stress you might be feeling dissipate. Looking down on the distant high-rises of Hangzhou from the hills of Longjing, with beer in hand, might be able to deliver that little slice of rest and rejuvenation you probably deserve.

The food focus is mostly local dishes, using a variety of flora and fauna and spanning a range of mostly mild tastes. Arriving first was the Chilli and Pepper Chicken (68RMB), a cold dish with a good amount of meat and not too spicy. The Fried Eggs with Turnips (38RMB) was similar to an omelette with dried radish inside and seasoned lightly with chives and a little salt.

Don’t be deterred by the name of their Special Rice Crisp with Pork Intestines (78RMB), as the fried innards tasted surprisingly good and came mixed with rice crispy cakes, nuts and dried peppers. Our favourite dish was the Stir-Fried Shrimps Bamboo Shoots & Edible Seaweed (78RMB), ready-to-eat peeled prawns nicely paired with crunchy bamboo and a sprinkling of dried seaweed.

The Farmer Family Bean Curd Stew (42RMB) was a light broth with generous chunks of tofu making up the bulk, with shrimps and vegetables taking up the spaces in between. The Fried Steam Buns (38RMB) are worth a mention too, just be mindful of the piping hot juices within. A handful of western dishes (Pizza, Pasta, Steak) are available too.

Wines, beers (Hoegaarden, 35RMB) and juices (Watermelon, 30RMB) are on hand, plus coffee (Americano, 45RMB) and tea (local Longjing, 68RMB) for those just wanting to sit back and admire the view. While an indoor area is at your disposal, you’d be mad not to grab a pair of sunglasses and take advantage of the view. Just be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand.

Smoking allowed, roadside parking available.

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111 Wenjiashan, Manjuelong Road

0571 8190 3377, 8190 3355

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 9pm (Mondays Off)

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