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Yi Pian Yun/一片云会所
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Now this place is a bit tricky to get to, but we'll try to give you directions. Drive past Louwailou on Gushan Road until you can go no more. Walk down the road to the path that runs along the north side of the island. Head east on that path until you hit that house that's usually nicely lit up in the evenings, then go up the hill until you hear the chatter of old folks sipping tea in between bursts of song. (Folks, directions can't get any simpler than that.) How they get all of the food up to Yi Pian Yun every day, we'll never know. Luckily, just as we got there, one table was leaving. Were they not, we'd be waiting. This place was packed, and understandably so, because the view of the lake is fantastic, as was the cool breeze coming up the hill. Though we were tempted, we stayed away from the tea this time. Note: They have two prices for all of their teas. The less expensive one is served with regular water, and the more expensive one is served with Tibetan Spring Water. We went for a few cans of cold Sprite instead. The Vegetables Fried with Prawns was simply excellent. The prawns were much larger and fresher than we expected. The Deep Fried Spicy Chicken was done so close to the bone that we were fighting over even the littlest of morsels, and the Big Noodle Soup was so large that we hardly had enough room to throw down the Minced Pork Steamed with Egg. A big fat and lazy grey cat passed by our table as we ate. A group of older ladies were singing songs throughout the meal. Our bill for four came to 166RMB minus the Tibetan Spring Water. What's On Their Menu... ■ Dried Small Shrimps Fried with Eggs 虾皮跑蛋 28RMB; ■ Minced Pork Streamed with Eggs 肉末蒸蛋 30RMB; ■ Sour and Sweet Ribs 糖醋排骨 32RMB; ■ Two Ways Cooked Black Fish 黑鱼二吃 68RMB; ■ Longjing Prawn 龙井虾仁 98RMB; ■ Grilled Mushroom on Iron Board 特色铁板香菇 38RMB; ■ Braised Pork 私房红烧肉 48RMB; ■ Black Pepper Beef 黑椒牛骨仔 68RMB; ■ A Piece Cloud Noodle Soup 一片云片儿川 38RMB/big, 28RMB/small; ■ Deep Fried Spicy Chicken 辣子鸡 32RMB; ■ Chestnuts Cooked with Ribs 板栗仔排 48RMB; ■ Vegetables Fried with Prawn 手捏菜炒虾仁 48RMB; ■ Five Flavoured Donkey Meat 五香驴肉 28RMB; ■ West Lake Duck Seasoned with Soy Sauce 西湖酱鸭 32RMB; ■ Peppers Fried Bullfrogs三椒爆牛蛙 38RMB; ■ Small Yellow Fish Cooked in Soy Sauce 红烧小黄鱼 38RMB; ■ Yellow Fish Rolls Steamed with Tofu 黄鱼卷蒸豆腐  38RMB; ■ Stir-fry Assorted Wild Mushrooms 高山野生菌 38RMB; ■ Borscht 罗宋汤 36RMB; ■ Ribs and Radish Soup 仔排萝卜汤 28RMB; ■ Bamboo and Chicken Stew 笋干本鸡煲 68RMB; ■ Sliced Fish Cooked with Eggs 蛋滑鱼片 38RMB; ■ Dried Cooked Prawn 干烧大对虾 30RMB/person; ■ Coriander Beef 香菜牛肉 28RMB; ■ Sour and Spicy Shredded Potato 酸辣土豆丝 22RMB; ■ Baked Corn Crispy Cake玉米烙 28RMB; ■ Lily Fried with Pumpkins 百合南瓜 32RMB; ■ Stir-fry Cabbage 手撕包心菜 26RMB; ■ Stir-fry Broccoli清炒西兰花 28RMB; ■ Japanese Tofu in Tomato Sauce 茄汁日本豆腐 28RMB.

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1 Hou Gushan Road

0571 8724 5799

Opening Hours:
9am - late
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