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Xixi Digital Market/西溪数码港
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Wensan road is a tech junky's wet dream. Where else can you buy a phone, a computer, a camera, an iPod and all the cheap programs and games you desire? You've just got to decide where you want to go. If you live in the west, then it's the Gaoxin Computer Market because it's close to Xueyuan. Dwellers farther east can find the same deals at the Xixi Digital Market. You can find all sorts of gadgets and gizmos here. Believe us there's everything here. Need a battery charger? They've got. Need wires to hook up your DVD player? They're here. Need blank CDs or DVDs? Not a problem. Need DVDs? Plenty of those too. Take a left off the escalator and keep walking. On the west wall, you'll find people barking at you, trying to suck you into their places. There's even some special stuff in the back (wink, wink). But be careful though. Once you buy it, there will be an XXX forever tattooed across your chest. Even three years later, one guy hasn't forgotten us. But let's get down to what this market is really known for: their cameras and their computers. Going all the way out to the Camera Market on Qiutao road might not be an option when you live out west the cab fare alone will negate any bargains you might find. Next best option is to go here. There are tons available from teeny-weeny aim-and-shoot cameras to magnificently complicated high-end babies. They've even got digital projectors and screens if you've got that kind of cash to throw around. What about the computers? Things can be kind of hard here if you are linguistically challenged, but there are a few dealers that can accommodate you. Check out Salience on the first floor (B111). The margins in computer hardware are cutthroat at best, with sellers making only a couple percent markup on all goods sold. Fortunately most outlets do not have to own the computers. With these miserable margins, many of these shops have started up service operations. Mr. Fan at Salience says that these days he has staff proficient in English and superb in English and Chinese Windows, so they have targeted foreign companies computer network setup and management. Whether you need a laptop or a network for the office, there are plenty of places that can hook you up at Xixi Digital Market.

Sophie Muntz
2020-05-23 12:42:54
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108 Wensan Road

0571 5677 9007

Opening Hours:
9am - 6pm

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