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Xinjiang Pamir Muslim Restaurant/新疆帕米尔餐厅
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It's hard to find truly authentic food outside the area from where it originates. Compare the Chinese food you eat say in America or Spain (or anywhere for that matter) to what you get here. Even though it's cooked up by people from here, it never tastes right. The same can be said for places inside China. Rarely can you find authentic Chongqing Hot Pot or proper Beijing Duck outside of Beijing. It doesn't take a food critic to tell you that all food has to be tweaked to local tastes to get the people coming in. That's why when you see a restaurant full of the locals (meaning those originating from the area represented by the restaurant), you know the place has gotta be doing something right. Pamir Restaurant is just such a place, and you can tell before even entering the door. Those of you who have had the Xinjiang experience will no doubt recognize the architecture it is definitely easy to spot the restaurant as it sits, out-of-place, on the corner of Caihe and North Qiutao roads. Enter, and it's as if you are walking into a place in Urumqi, with Uighur being spoken far more than Chinese. This environment sets the stage for a right chow down on some damn good Xinjiang grub. The first thing we ordered was a plateful of samsas. These are baked dumplings stuffed with seasoned mutton. Order them in the beginning cause they take around twenty minutes to bake up. It doesn't matter if you are too full to eat them when they finally do arrive because they are perfect for the morning after (we weren't the only ones asking for a doggie bag for them). Probably the best dishes this place has to offer are the simple ones: Polo and Laghman. Translation: Rice Pilaf and Xinjiang Noodles. It's hard to find a Xinjiang restaurant in town that serves up Polo the way it's supposed to be served up, with plain yogurt and a small salad. Pamir has the best in town. Unfortunately, the Kebabs weren't quite up to par, but the other meat dishes and baked goods more than made up for that shortcoming. If you don't live in the east, you really should bring a taxi full of people to cover the twenty plus kuai fare and to allow you to load up the table so you can taste lots of things. If you do live in the east, this is one of those places where you can order some noodles and feel completely at ease eating them all by your lonesome. English and Picture menu available. English service available. You can order: * Three Thread Salad with Dressing 凉拌三丝 8RMB * Bean Jelly 凉粉 8RMB * Cucumber Threads with Dressing 凉拌黄瓜丝 8RMB * Steamed Chicken with Mushrooms Soup 锅仔香菇炖鸡 28RMB * Baked Mutton-stuffed Bun (samsas) 烤包子 15RMB * Multi-layered Meat Bread 千层肉馅饼 15RMB * Xinjiang Noodles (laghman) 新疆拉面 12MB * Rice Pilaf (polo) 手抓饭 18RMB  * Big (and small) Plate Chicken 新疆大盘鸡 58RMB/big, 38RMB * Fried Mutton with Cabbage and Vermicelli 包菜粉条炒羊肉 22RMB.

No, this is the best Xinjiang in town!
2007-12-21 00:08:57
If you've ever lived in Xinjiang, you will agree. Also, compared to the other Xinjiang places, this one by far has more people coming from the region. Owned and operated by Uyghurs, you know it's authentic.
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5 North Qiutao Road (intersection of Caihe road)

0571 8652 0381

Opening Hours:
10am - 11pm

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