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Xiang Wei Guan, Hedong Branch/湘味馆,河东店
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There aren't that many Hunan restaurants in Hangzhou. We have been on the lookout for new ones for a long time and eventually stumbled onto Xiang Wei Guan. It's on Hedong Road, which has really seen the addition of many new restaurants in the last two years. You've got your seafood, your Sichuan, some crab and now this little Hunan place, which is definitely worth a go. Here's a brief lesson on the meaning of the name: Xiang is a short for Hunan, Wei means flavor, and Guan is restaurant. So, it's a restaurant full of Hunan flavor. Hunan food is arguably the spiciest in China, but here they've been kind enough to offer three choices in the level of spicy: not so spicy 微辣 (wei la), kinda hot 中辣 (zhong la)or colon blow, wake you up at five in the morning to relieve yourself spicy 重辣 (zhong la). How hot can you take it? We felt like living dangerously and ordered up ours muy caliente. It was the weekend, so we could afford the several trips to the toilet the next morning. We selected six dishes between the two of us. The waitress looked a bit skeptical about whether or not we could actually finish off what we'd ordered, but we showed her. The Frog Legs and Vegetables in Spicy and Sour Soup was so choice that we couldn't get enough of it. Now, we know that frog is not everyone's cup of soup; even still, you've gotta try this dish. The meat just falls off the bone, and the soup is a great combo of spicy and sour. You can order a bowl of plain noodles to throw in, and it's just perfect! Another specialty, Chairman Mao's Red-roasted Pork, is called this because the late leader is from Hunan. The pork is cooked for a long time in red wine, which you don't often find in Chinese cookin, but it has a way of tenderizing the pork so that it's plenty easy to break it up with your sticks. And if you're a soup junkie, you'll find plenty of it here. They've got all kinds: mushroom, ribs, bone, duck... We had a great feast at Xiang Wei Guan, and surely next time we'll try to russle up a bigger group. But sometimes it's difficult to find enough folk who can take the heat. This is the place for you if you're one of them. Good news is that they are doing so well here that there'll soon be a second one. Keep your eyes open for it on Xueyuan road between Wen'er and Wensan roads. You can order: * Chairman Mao's Red-roasted Pork 主席红烧肉 28RMB; * Frog Legs and Vegetables in Spicy and Sour Soup 口味田鸡 38RMB; * Fried Mandarin Fish in Chili Oil 干戈桂鱼仔 48RMB; * Deep Fried Tea Leaves and Spicy Shrimps 香辣茶香虾 48RMB; * Hunan Flavored Crayfish 湘味小龙虾 58RMB/big, 38RMB/small; * Hunan Flavored Iron Board Razor Clams 湘味铁板蛏子 18RMB; * Steamed Ribs Wrapped in Glutinous Rice 糯米排骨 32RMB; * Grandma's Stir Fry 小炒外婆菜 18RMB.

2015-01-03 22:30:34
No longer appears to be open !
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58 Hedong Road

0571 2881 7788

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 2am
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