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With a name literally meaning ‘without borders’, Wujie offers a range of different tastes and types of cooking from a number of different regions, yet all with one thing in common – they are 100% meat-free. 

That’s right, Wujie is the newest edition to the handful of vegetarian joints on our door step, and it offers some widely-known veggie dishes (Pad Thai), vegetarian spins on what were once meat-based dishes, plus a selection of their own meat-free delights. Being vegetarian, the dishes feature a huge variety of mushrooms and also their homemade tofu, made daily on sight. 

We began with the Fujian-style soup (68RMB), with eighteen ingredients including a large selection of mushrooms, tofu and seaweed, to mention but a few. Avoid stirring, but instead enjoy it layer by layer, the taste developing as you get deeper into the broth.

The Lentillifera Seaweed with Vinaigrette Dressing (78RMB) uses seaweed imported from Japan and was very refreshing: the dressing has a wasabi kick while the seaweed itself is very light. Resembling a chicken cutlet, the Fried Tofu Skin (88RMB) had a mushroom filling and was sprinkled with crushed sesame seeds and served with a selection of dips. Definitely give this one a try.

One of their original dishes, the Stir Fried Fresh Mushrooms and Mini Cucumber (88RMB), had a light, gravy-like sauce that could be enjoyed by most taste preferences, the slight crunchiness of the cucumber paired well with the thick mushroom stalks. The Lion’s Mane Mushroom Roll with German Mashed Potatoes (56RMB) had soft blended mushroom and nutslices, topped with pistachios and placed on a bed of whole grain mustard mash.

A little more substantial was their Thai Yellow Curry (88RMB), containing generous chunks of tofu and an assortment of veg, the spice being towards the milder end of the scale but very flavoursome nonetheless.

For drinks, the usual selection is on hand, butfor a warm spring or summer’s evening a bottle of their sparkling grape juice (280RMB/bottle) would be right on the money. (BTW, it’s BYO on soft drinks here) There are a couple of desserts on the menu, plus sweet treats from the attached bakery, madefresh and using vegetables to alter colour and taste. 

Forty percent of the menu here will be changed every three months, and booking is strongly suggested to avoid a wait. Located in phase two of Mixc Mall, underground parking available. Menus in English, smoking not permitted.

2018-07-03 04:55:33
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Phase 2, Mixc Mall, 701 Fuchun Road (near the Apple store on Minxin Road)

4009 201 517

Opening Hours:
11am-2pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm

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