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With Your Hands/动手吧
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Sometimes the name of a place can tell you a lot about it. Sometimes it tells you nothing. The restaurant “With Your Hand” reveals the situation exactly as it is. Yep, you guessed it: no cutlery -- you've got to get handsy with your grub. But don't let my introduction deter you. With Your Hand isn't all barbaric. In fact, it's probably the coolest place in town. The owners - the same geniuses that brought us the phenomenal Grandma's Kitchen restaurant chain - have continued to run with the hands theme in more than just title and dining experience. Huge wrought iron fingerprint sculptures adorn the walls around the room and above the open-fronted kitchen, while the rest of the theme is all space age. Projections of a Tron-inspired illuminated dance, choreographed and performed by electric dance orchestra, flickers across the restaurant walls, while funky Michael Jackson remixes blast out across the room. After taking our seats, but before the arrival of the food, we were each given a full-length apron and a pair of gloves by the waitress. (You know it's going to be awesome when they bring out the gloves.) A short while later we tucked into our finger-picking banquet of, amongst other beautiful things, divinely succulent Inner Mongolian Style Roast Lamb 内蒙古手抓羊 (98RMB), Unarmed Lobster in chilli sauce 徒手小龙虾(98RMB), Japanese Special Watergrass 好吃冰草 (22RMB) and crispy Fried Shrimp 酥皮虾 – a must! (58RMB). There is also a good range of drinks to wash-down the food down, including fresh coconut milk 青椰 (46RMB), draft dark beer 进口黑啤 (26RMB), and a selection of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails (26-32RMB), like me, you often end up chasing your food around your bowl with a pair of uncoordinated chopsticks, this is the place for you. If not, it's still the place for you. There's definitely nowhere like it in Hangzhou, and aside from the awesome food, its unrivalled uniqueness another reason it gets a big greasy thumbs up from us. Menus are available in English with aid of pictures; no smoking indoors; parking is available at the shopping mall car park.

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2/F, Intime Mall, 380 Fengtan Road

0571 8796 8917

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 2pm, 4:30pm - 9pm
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