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West Lake Uncle/西湖阿叔玉壶春
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The east side of the lake has really been changing these past few months. First it was Starbucks taking over that great old, yellow villa up north. Then one of our favorite burger spots closed down. Now, we've got a new addition lakeside with West Lake Uncle. Let us first admit that we have only a vague recollection of what this building once housed. We do remember outdoor seating with a screen showing something and the occasional live music but nothing enough to draw us in to properly check it out, what with Casablanca only a hundred meters away and all. So, to be fair, this isn't as much of a heartbreak as the Paradise closure, but it is a big change because in its short life, it has turned into a pretty respectable and reasonable place to dine lakeside judging from the crowds. On our visit, though, we found the dishes at West Lake Uncle to be hit or miss. Out of the seven we ordered, we really only got into four of them. The 38 kuai Chicken Soup wasn't one of them (It seemed so promising with such a pretty pot). Our favorite dish of the night had to be the Red-cooked Pork, but they gave it another name, which really doesn't matter because all you've got to do is point at it when ordering. Another good choice was the Wild Mandarin Fish, a great one to order if you're not so good with the bones. We really liked not having to order an entire fish, which tends to hike up the tally at the end of the meal. Also a good call was the 1,000-year-old-eggs with Cold Noodles. We know some folks can't get into the lime aftertaste of these eggs, some are worse than others, but these were spot on for taste. A nice way to begin the meal. For lakeside, 60 kuai a pop isn't too bad. The views of the lake are nice if you aren't stuck in the dining room looking out onto the orange cafeteria seating of the attached snack place. The patio area is, of course, the favored choice. After you finish your meal, you can sit there taking in the throngs of people walking by. They'll surely be doing a little gawking as well. Slap on some bug repellant and head down to the water. Visual menu. 

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20 Hubin Road (inside 6th Park)

0571 8706 9558

Opening Hours:
7:30am - 10pm
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