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Wasabiya Japanese Restaurant, West Lake Branch /山葵家, 西湖店
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On the 5th floor of the Carrefour building on Yan'an Road you'll find a Japanese restaurant nestled within the confines of the Rumonter Hotel. It's called Wasabiya, and if you're a fan of authentic Japanese food then this is the place for you. This hidden gem with outdoor seating affording you stunning views of the West Lake is not to be missed if fresh sushi, sashimi, and teppanyaki are something you crave. On our lunch trip we were treated to an absolute feast of fresh treasures from the sea and savory cuts from the grill. The menu is tri-lingual, with Chinese, Japanese, and English, and while the English leaves much to be desired, there are enough pictures and descriptions to ensure you'll still have no problem getting what you want. Wasabiya doesn't offer an all-you-can-eat option but considering the size of the portions you don't really need it.  We started out light with a grilled fish salad (48RMB) full of fresh salmon and herring, crisp lettuce, and a tasty dressing. Next up, came the assorted tempura (68RMB) and French beef tenderloin (128RMB). The former was crispy, crunchy, and delicious while the latter was juicy, tender, and grilled to perfection. Next up were the crab cakes, which while good, paled in comparison to what came next; our main two entrees: the sashimi catch of the day (358RMB) and the Chef's Choice Sushi (228RMB). These two dishes deserve their own paragraph. The fresh catch of the day included tuna, salmon, king mackerel, octopus, North Atlantic scallop, sea urchin, abalone, and good God who knows. Everything was day's catch fresh and pleasing to the palette. The chef's sushi platter was a testament to the sushi maker's credo. The expert rolls we indulged on were arguably the best you'll have in Hangzhou. They were so good, even though we were stuffed; we ordered 3 more rolls to take home. Yes, the sushi is that good. And the coup de grace, is the restaurant's namesake; the wasabi. It's not the green, horseradish-based, tube-derived spice you'll find in so many other Japanese place. At Wasabiya, its fresh ground from a Japanese wasabi root.  We washed everything down with fresh-brewed tea, some Kirin-made wine coolers, and a couple Asahi drafts, with none exceeding 25RMB/drink. So the next time you're in the mood for fantastic, authentic Japanese, be sure to check out Wasabiya. You'll be glad you did. 

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5/F, Yongjin Square, 135 Yan’an Road

0571 5659 9283

Opening Hours:
12pm - 2pm
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