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Victoria Harbour One/维港一号
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On the northeast corner of the intersection of Chaohui Road and Shangtang Road you’ll find the, oddly named, Yuanfeng Twin Tower. It’s odd because there’s only one tower, but anyone who’s been in China for a while knows English nomenclature can be a bit slapdash, even in regards to a fancy, new, high-rise office tower. Inside this “Twin” tower, though, you’ll find one of the more authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum restaurants in Victoria Harbour One. We decided to check out how authentic it was by heading over there for morning tea. We arrived in their large, banquet-style dining hall, shortly before noon, which proved to be a mistake because some of their signature dishes had already been sold out, but what remained was nothing to shake a stick at. In particular was the 1,000 Year Old Egg and Pork Congee, which was soft, subtle, and soothing. The Fried Dumplings w/ Leek were also a standout, with one person in our party, going on and on about how well the flavors blended and complemented one another (don’t forget the hot sauce). The shrimp dumplings pleased both our palate and sense of aesthetic. The Steamed Sui Mai (dumplings that look like little, stuffed, upside-down jellyfish), though bland, were pleasing nonetheless. The Barbecued Pork Buns were what you would expect, though we did think they could have been a bit meatier. Avoid the radish cakes, as they were served up oilier than a Jheri curl in a Crisco storm, and the Beef Balls tasted more like pork than anything else, but to each it’s own. We rounded off our meal with something for the old sweet tooth, the Egg Crème buns. One person in our party said they were the best they’d ever had, and we’re tempted to agree. Overall, our meal was quite comfortable and satisfying, though the driving techno music emanating from the far end of the dining hall’s inexplicable bar area was too out of place to ignore. It’s worth the trip out for this design abomination alone. We think (read: hope) Victoria Harbour One’s space may double as another restaurant/club at night. If you do decide to go check it out, get there early, or you’ll miss out on some of their best stuff. Underground parking is available, and the restaurant does validate.

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3/F, Twin Tower, 168 Chaohui Road

0571 8577 8977

Opening Hours:
9:30am - 1:30pm (morning tea time)

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