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Vegetarian Flourishing Restaurant/素缤纷精致素食自助式餐厅
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Never mind the cumbersome English name, this place is great. Located on Qingchun Road and Mashi Street, on the fifth floor next to Haidilao Hot Pot, you’ll find this wonderful Taiwanese-influenced vegetarian buffet. Vegans will be thrilled, as they make a point to tell you anytime a dish contains no eggs or milk, which is usually. The meat eaters among us were all pretty impressed as well.

It’s a bit difficult to review a buffet. It’s hard to try everything, try as you might, and you may if yummy vegetarian fare is your kick. Plus, what’s on offer is bound to change with the season. They have a nice salad bar with fresh veggies, nuts, dried fruit, and healthy dressing options. They have 6 – 8 soups and a row of vegetarian dim sum. The hot dishes are portioned small to stay fresh and are quite good. Everything is written English. We highly recommend having the noodle bar make you the Taiwanese specialty, (dan zai mian/担仔面), and top it off with some of their spicy sauces.

In addition to all the buffet options, they also make small orders of authentic Taiwanese street food. Each table has clothespins in the middle with the table number written on it. Back by the kitchen, there are dish names in Chinese. Clip a clothespin to the dish you want and they bring it to your table, fresh and hot. The pot stickers (guo tie/锅贴), pickled vegetable turnovers (suan cai he zi/酸菜盒子), and waffles (枫糖松饼) are all worth a try.

To complement and complete your meal there is a variety of fresh juices, coffee, and dessert. Prices are reasonable but change depending on time and day. Weekday lunch is 79RMB, and dinner 89RMB. Friday dinner and weekends are 99RMB. All in all, Vegetarian Flourishing worked for us. It was a great, healthy, meal for a good price.

Anna Mac
2014-04-15 01:56:21
Highly recommended. Extremely friendly and welcoming staff, unlike service I have received at any restaurant in China. The staff went out of their way to not only answer any questions, but to suggest other dishes to me and make sure my party was enjoying ourselves. They cleared the tables of extra dishes regularly and their English was great. They sang Happy Birthday to my boyfriend in both English and Chinese. Very friendly!As a long-time vegetarian it was refreshing to be able to relax in a restaurant in China, knowing that no meat would end up on my plate. That being said, I'm sure that any meat eater would also be impressed by the food. Yum Yum Yum.My boyfriend and I were amazed by the selection. We are both big eaters, but were absolutely stuffed just sampling the food (and we didn't get to nearly 1/3 of the selection). A great variety of many different options. Salad, soups, dim sum, many entrees, street food, appetizers, noodles, desserts, fruit, juices, coffee and more.. I especially liked the fresh, made-to-order Taiwanese street food and fresh juices.The quality (very fresh ingredients, and well prepared) and presentation of the food was very good. For the price, quality and service, it's a great deal. I'd recommend you to try it at least once (but I'll definitely be back).
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5/F, Zhongdu Department Store, Building A, 87-1 Qingchun Road

0571 8778 0268

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2pm, 5:30pm - 9pm
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