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U’s Club /柚子俱乐部
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Looking for a new place that offers unique cocktails, delicious hookah, and a truly intimate setting unlike any other in Hangzhou? Then head over to U's Club; down a ways off Shuguang Lu, right across from Travelers Bar. While the sign may look like O's Club, it's actually U's Club, pronounced like the first character in the Chinese word for grapefruit (youzi). The setting and design that makes up U's Club is spectacular and makes this one of the most enjoyable places to grab a drink. Of course, hearing the word, club in the name might prompt you to think it's a typical Chinese club. You've got some nerve, and you'd be wrong. U's Club is actually a very well thought out bar perfect for after-dinner drinks and getting cozy with your significant other. The outdoor patio embraces you in a canopy of lush trees that's still open enough to allow for stargazing. Inside you have a first floor that leads you right to the bar, and a second floor that is split in half to offer a more secluded setting for lover's and adventurous first dates. The upstairs was designed specifically for those who enjoy hookah, a small one will cost 55RMB and a big one 65RMB. If you are lucky enough to get the bed style couch you will be truly enjoying yourself. While the prices due lean towards the higher end of bars in the city, with cocktails floating around 65RMB, the posh atmosphere makes up for it; to the extent you don't even think about the money, only the enjoyment of the night. Certain nights offer live music from a local Chinese band, but the owner is looking to bring in an expat band from time to time. November 11th will be their grand opening party, but you can enjoy the place now if you wish. Give their signature cocktails a try. Specifically the U's Sunday or U's One, but be careful of the Assassin King for that one will have you face down on the floor before you know it.

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139 Shuguang Road

0571 8195 0111

Opening Hours:
5:30pm - 2am

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