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Tsings Cafe/清叶咖啡
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<p>Tsing’s Cafe (Chinese name: 清叶咖啡). It is one of the most relaxing and spacious spaces for foreign and local visitors in Binjiang district, Hangzhou. Tsing’s Cafe offers and extensive variety of western and local foodies as well as coffees. It a westernized Chinese coffee house with an indoors decoration that really showcases the classy and simplistic looks of a coffee house that blends well open spaces with wooden tables and comfortable seats, all that fitting within a two story facility located just few minutes away the Central plaza of Binjiang, a well known and popularized venue with plenty of choices for everyone looking for Cafes, foodies, and shopping areas. <br /> <br /> Since its opening in the year 2013, Tsing’s Cafe has been hosting all kinds of music and culture related events. It really is the one stop place to enjoy a Cafe Puro, or a Cocktail Italiano, or and Argentinian Grill/Barbecue with Mexican sauces and cheeses. In addition, Tsing’s Cafe is a true differentiator of what Binjiang can offer in terms of multi-culture and western cuisine authenticity. It stands out as a well thought out cozy environment that does not compromise in space, quality, and comfort. It is also the hosting house for Watermelon Punch Weekly activities and Events. Watermelon Punch is a young organization based in Binjiang district that brings a fusion of of cultural flavors from every corner of the world. And Tsing’s Cafe lends itself to be the perfect space to welcome foreign and local like-minded people to collaborate, create, and learn more about international culture and everything that makes you more of a global citizen.</p>

161 Jiangnan Avenue (Near Jiangjin Road Metro Station), Binjiang
江南大道161号 (星光大道康恩贝大厦对面)

0571 8832 2726

Opening Hours:
9:30am - 1am
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