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Tianmu Instruments Shop/天目琴行
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When you are ready to tickle the ivories, this is the place to make your purchase. Lots and lots of pianos. They also have a rehearsal room for rent, all equipped, you and your band only need to bring yourselves. 35RMB/hour. 

Chris Greenwalty
2019-03-15 02:08:22
I am sure that those people who are able to buy products from the shop like this, they can easily make sure that everything would be fine for them.
2019-02-04 15:10:24
Instruments of different sorts are used in every industry and now it’s the facility to buy them online. Having consultation with you can grab the best ever product for use.
Dacey Roach
2019-01-14 14:13:40
This shop is offering vast range of instruments to their buyers and offer best features of services for reliability of their clients. Students like to get essay papers from here that brings valuable solutions.
2016-01-04 13:30:20
Do they rent instruments that we can pay on?
Tianmu Music Store
2009-07-19 23:08:05
Well, it's easily accessible from the West Bus Station, and from the Dragon Centre.......... Lots of 'genuine' Yam acoustic and electronic pianos - just don't expect to 'bargain' with them. Not going to happen. Prices are fixed with Yam, and Roland. But, the staff speak english......just about - and you can be assured that their instruments are kosher (i.e. not Taiwanese or Chinese knock-offs) as they give full warranty service underwritten by Yam and Roland. For Korgs, go to Zhuyun Guitar Shop, West Wen'er Branch - but dig deep into your pockets. No sign of the new Roland G yet...........(the old one, I had, and sold, and wouldn't touch another with a barge pole unless radical changes made!)
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135 Xueyuan Road

0571 8883 4500

Opening Hours:
8:30am – 9pm
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