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Third Movement Café/第三乐章咖啡
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A café isn't a café if there's nothing to look at through the front window. There's got to be something out there to make you seem as if you're doing something other than sipping away and smoking. The Third Movement Café is a little gem, even though a tad out of the way. Now it's hard to say that Nanshan road is out of the way, but it kind of is unless you're a student at the Art Academy. We suggest that when you're in the area either to look for something to hang on the wall, take a walk by the water or grab a sack of groceries at Carrefour, extend your planned time and have a drink here. The interior is fabulous; the leather chairs are the type anyone would have in their house, and their house blend is very reasonable (12RMB). That's more than enough. What could make it a destination for some of you is what is just outside the front window. There is a small cluster of old brick houses just across the street with a bunch of old time locals living there. Sitting on the first floor offers a view of grandpa playing with his parakeet. Little kids run in and out of the courtyard, and grandma slowly waters the plants. Chamber pots are emptied in the sewer every morning, so in other words, the place will be torn down in the not too distant future. The owner, Chen Long, also says he'll be organizing art shows and hard-to-find movie nights. Though this place is still in its infancy having only opened a month ago, its potential is just screaming. Drink offerings will also hopefully pull in some night timers looking for something a little more than a discussion on the weather. 

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16 Liuying Road

0571 8713 1616

Opening Hours:

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