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The Kebab House /卡巴瑞典餐厅
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Hangzhou now has its very own Swedish kebab restaurant. The Kebab House Swedish Restaurant has just opened in Binjiang’s Gemini Mansion onJianghan Road next to Shares Bar. The young co-owner was a student in Sweden where he fell in love with the kebab restaurants and decided to bring a taste of the middle-east via Sweden to Hangzhou. The chef was also brought from Sweden to lead the kitchen in creating kebab, pizzas, Swedish sandwiches and entrees such as Swedish meatballs.

The restaurant is done in a clean, modern Scandinavian style with white panelled walls and black ceiling. We ordered from the Chinese/English/Swedish menu and the food was delivered quickly to our table.

The Swedish Meatballs (29RMB for normal size, 39RMB for large) brought me back to my own time as a student in Sweden. The normal portion comes with 6 tastylittle meatballs made with pork and beef and mashed potatoes. The kicker, something that made me happy beyond words,was that they have lingonberry jam imported from Sweden! Swedish meatballs just would not be complete without lingonberry jam. Cut a meatball in half, coat it with some creamy gravy, put a dab of lingonberry jam on and you have the perfect bite.

They serve 2 types of kebab meat – chicken or pork. The Chicken Kebab with PitaBread (35RMB) was fresh and light. Soft chicken, creamy yogurt dressing, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce made a great combination.The Pork Kebab Plate (39RMB) comes with either rice or fries. We preferred the chicken, as would we recommend the fries over the rice.

From the list of 28 pizzas, we chose the Karl GustavsPizza (85RMB for 12in size) with beef, red pepper and béarnaise sauce. It was a good pizza with a thin bottom and fluffy crust.

An item you should try is the Swedish style open-faced sandwich (smörgås), which comes in shrimp and meatball variety. We tried the Meatballs Sandwich (29RMB) and it was lovely, with juicy ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce, sweetmayonnaiseandhalved Swedish meatballs.

The owners took great care to recreate a Swedish style kebab restaurant and this is a welcome addition to the international dining scene of Hangzhou and a good reason to go to Binjiang. Parking available.

2014-08-07 22:41:21
Nice food, we tried hamburger, pita roll, china pita sandwich all were good with friendly service
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L337, 3/F Star Avenue, 1766 Bingsheng Road

0571 5613 1662

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 8:30pm
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