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The Grand Canal/京杭大运河
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If you're into water, Hangzhou is your town. But maybe the boats on the West Lake just don't do it for you anymore. That's cool because you can always take the Wulin Water Bus and head north on the Grand Canal. The West Lake isn't the only famous water spot in our fair city. Renowned as one of the two greatest human-made structures in China, the Grand Canal is the longest artificial waterway in the world. Begun in the 5th century A.D., the 1,794 kilometer canal makes its way through four provinces and links up five great rivers. Since 2000, the local government has pumped tons of money into the restoration of this section of the canal, and of the sixteen cities on the canal, Hangzhou has done more to preserve this treasure. Stone bridges hundreds of years old, ancient steles and old buildings can still be found in many places along the canal. Check out the kilometer long barges chugging along, transporting goods as they have been doing for centuries. The thirty minute journey takes you north, ending at the 370-year-old Gongchen Bridge. After disembarking, you can go check out the museum and then cross the bridge to stroll through the hutong Tong He Li. The Wulin Square station is on North Huancheng Rd. across from Hangzhou Tower. From 7am to 8pm, one bus every 50 minutes, 5RMB for the ticket, get off at Gongchen Bridge station 拱宸桥 <br /> Take bus K861, K47, K70, 70, get off at Taizhou Rd. station 台州路口 or bus K1, get off at West Gongchen Bridge station 拱宸桥西.

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