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SOSA Spa Yoga Beauty Center/娑尚养生会所
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Last month, we introduced you to Arun Singh Choudhary, the Yoga Instructor and Director of the SOSA Yoga Center. His interview was a sneak-peek into the mysterious world of yoga, and it offered a chance for the readers of MORE to see the personal side of a facility that caters to Hangzhou's rapidly-growing demand for venues that promote a healthy body and mind. With a discussion about the philosophy, ideals, and misconceptions of yoga behind us, we had an opportunity to move on and take a look at the place for ourselves, despite the fact that none of us can perform acts of balance beyond lighting a cigarette with one hand while holding a pint glass in the other. Well, we can actually do some pretty amazing things over a slippery toilet in a bar whilst keeping a cool, slightly slurred conversation with an overseas caller on our mobile phones, but that comes with the territory. Our tour of the SOSA Yoga Center was like a deep, soothing, breath of fresh air. Finding this place can be a bit tricky, but we did, so you can. It’s located in the West Lake International Plaza's office park, so parking is plentiful and easy enough to forget about the droopy-eyed idiot on the e-bike that you swerved to avoid plastering all over Wen'er Road. That's good karma, baby, but at least now you have a chance to let it all out. Upon walking inside, your first impression is that you've come to the right place. Incense-fragrant warmth abounds, and you'll be shedding clothes in a hurry as you're ushered to the changing room. Professional customer service is evident from the get go, spacious rooms for yoga training look like dance studios, and the DERMATOLOGICA-brand products used for all treatments are available for purchase. Mrs. Li, the owner and founder of SOSA, has been a student of yoga for over 10 years and is also an instructor. SOSA also offers instruction in a belly dancing. All spa facilities use 5-star hotel products and fixtures, and a body analysis machine, which cost over 200,000RMB! It will give you hard-nosed skeptics an overall report about your body's sad condition with specific details about body fat, muscle density, and other things you don't want to know. Chinese meds, Indian nutrition, and European aromatherapy are intertwined to make SOSA a real experience for all of your senses. Foods offered at the center are based on locally-sourced organic materials. Call for pricing and discount info, or visit for more updates as they develop.

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391 Wener Road

0571 8588 7777

Opening Hours:
9am - 10pm
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