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When Chef Adam Levin (sorry ladies not of the Maroon Five fame) opened Slim’s on Nanshan Road, he successfully blew the competition out of the water for best burger in Hangzhou. Simply mention Slim’s to anyone and watch as his or her pupils dilate. Drool begins to form on their lips, and their hearts begin to palpitate! Truly, we cannot think of any improvements that should be made on his winning formula of amazing food and attention to detail. Yet somehow this restaurant Svengali has done it again, managing to create an even bigger and better Slim’s over on Binjiang’s Avenue of the Stars.

Before you all start muttering about how far away Binjiang is, remember people, there is a subway now, and parking available. You’re crazy if you let a few underground kilometers stand between you and the gastronomic orgasm that you will have at Chef Adam Levin’s new venture. Slim’s in Binjiang is the fully-realized vision of what Chef Adam Levin had in mind when he opened Slim’s on Nanshan Road. In Binjiang, thanks to the newly-constructed building, Chef Adam Levin could do everything he wanted, from the private booths, Chef’s table, two private glass panel rooms, giant TV for sports, wood fire pizza oven, live lobster tank, and Alto-Shaam convection oven. Slim’s grinds fresh burger meat daily, smokes tomatoes in-house for their delicious smoked tomato sauce, and creates homemade duck sausage.

On our visit we were treated to a veritable feast: Smoked Chicken Wings 45RMB, Classic Caesar Salad 45RMB, Italian Caprese Salad 55RMB, Smoked Salmon; Caviar Pizza 95RMB, Duck Sausage Pizza 75RMB, Prosciutto; Arugula Pizza 85RMB, Brooklyn BBQ Burger 65RMB, Lobster; Crab Roll 125RMB, New York Strip Steak (400g) 328RMB, Penne Pasta Carbonara 55RMB --- and a bottle of Château Marquis de Therme 4e Grand Cru Margaux 2006 1388RMB. (We also had some excellent cocktails mixed by their ace bartenders.) The Binjiang restaurant will have a pizza/pasta menu and a lobster menu, and the kitchen there will prepare crispy duck, escargot, carpaccio, and a few new salads. There will be plenty of special nights at the Binjiang location, including a Sunday 2-for-1 deal on pizza, “Teachers Night,” “Ladies Night,” “English Premier League Night,” and 2-for-1 Burger Night on Mondays. (Still worried about “distance”?) What hasn’t changed is how amazingly the food is at this New York Steak; Burger place.

Sarah Norton
2018-11-29 16:13:27
Burgers which are new in the New York was really tasty as I am really prohibited from the diet matters but here have lost it. I have the mission for the impact of custom writing services on education that why I have use all the conditions too.
Christopher H
2016-02-03 10:28:26
The service was horrendous! The Chinese waiter looked a bit "unbathed" ... We asked for another waiter; a Pakistani with similar hygiene habits ... Save yourself the trouble; McDonalds has better cheeseburgers and definitely better fries ! Certainly nothing to do with USA style and/or standards ! And, the prices for beer... HaHa ... I wish I had more thumbs
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213, Building 4, Star Avenue, 228 Jiangnan Avenue, Binjiang
滨江江南大道228号星光国际广场4号楼213 (优衣库楼上)

0571 8537 0897

Opening Hours:
11am - 12am
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