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Six Harmonies Pagoda/六和塔
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There are certain things that are must sees when living in or visiting Hangzhou, and this is one of them. Six Harmonies sits at the foot of Yuelun Shan (Moon Disc Hill), overlooking the Qiantang River and the infamous, double-decker Qiantang River Bridge (although it's a bit old, 70 yrs., and with the way bridges are going nowadays). Then there's the fantastic view of the monstrous UT Starcom complex across the river (a standoff between the ancient and the modern). As with every famous structure around town, this one has a legend. In olden days, the mighty Dragon King of the Qiantang River was wreaking havoc on the farmers crops and capsizing boats. Poor little Liuhe's father was drowned and his mother swept away. The pissed off kid exacted his revenge by throwing rocks at the king's river palace until he gave in and agreed to halt the tidal wave's destructive ways. The villagers celebrated by building this tower to honor the brave brat. Heroic indeed. Out of all of the towers in the city, this brick and wood structure is definitely the best. It's undergoing some renovation, as it has for the past thousand years building, rebuilding, renovating. Thankfully, the charm has still been kept here as there is no elevator. This means you'll have to climb up the seven stories. It's quite a haul, but the view is spectacular, and they've done a nice job of keeping things simple and real. If you still have energy after climbing the pagoda, take a hike around the hill. There are a few things to check out, but mostly it's just a nice walk in the woods. Ticket: 20RMB for the park, 10RMB to go into the pagoda. Busses: 4, 504, 510, 514, Y5.

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16 Zhijiang Road

0571 8659 1401

Opening Hours:
9am – 5pm
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