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We're just going to come right out and say this is currently the best place to get a good steak in Hangzhou which won't cost you an arm and a leg. Period. There are, of course, some fine establishments serving up plenty of beefy goodness, but this one gets top score for being an astoundingly good medium-priced value. You can only imagine our amazement when we stepped inside the CC Cafe, and found the environment to be not only inviting and comfortable, but when it came time to start digging in, there was an actual 280 gram slab of grilled medium-rare Angus Rib Eye on our dinner plate. In fact, we almost neglected to take a photo, but luckily the camera-wielding member of our chow-hound trio was quick to parry and block the other two from making their move on that succulent hunk of meat. As for the specifics, this steak will cost you 188RMB (worth every thin jiao) and it comes with fries on the side, just for good measure. Although the steak was the highlight of our journey, we also need to point out the other delicious items we tried on this trip as well. For a healthy and flavorful alternative to the Rib Eye, there's a Smoked Duck Breast Salad (38RMB) that brought a smile to our faces, as we also picked apart a dish of minced Fried Tilapia Balls with Tartar Sauce (38RMB), along with a nicely seared 70 gram Goose Liver (58RMB) with asparagus, Parmesan cheese, and sweet wine sauce. Are you beginning to detect a pattern here? Overall the prices are reasonable, and although we're wondering how the owners plan to make any money, we're certainly not complaining! To be fair, we didn't love the Grilled Shrimp Pasta with Olives (48RMB), but it was forgotten as soon as we started devouring a Marguerite Pizza, along with a few desserts, the Tiramisu (18RMB), a Chocolate Cake with Chaise Syrup (18RMB), and, of course, a hunk of Cheesecake (20RMB) to cap it all off. We're going to keep our eyes on this spot that's for sure. Just watch out for all the construction outside, which might make it hard for you to find this venue, but don't give up, it's worth it. 

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1/F, Block C, Zijin City, 188 North Zijinhua Road

0571 2806 1085

Opening Hours:
11am - 1am (kitchen closes at 9pm)
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