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Shan Wai Shan Linyu Restaurant & Bar/山外山林语花园餐厅
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On arriving, we found that the place was so frigid we were unable to remove our jackets. Obviously the manager was out, so nobody in the room had the authority to close the windows, despite the falling rain outside. We were shown to big comfy armchairs that are excellent for slouching and smoking and feeling like you own the place, but invariably uncomfortable to sit and eat. The menu was hastily handed to us, and on it were all the trappings of a Hangzhou restaurant: Prawns Fried with Dragon Well Tea, Beggar's Chicken, and Celery and Lilies Fried with Cashews. The photos made everything look delicious. We thought that if the food was as good as the photos, we were in for a treat. We went for the Beggar's Chicken (because this was supposedly their specialty), some Finely Chopped Ham Fried with Peas, Crab Meat and Tofu Soup and a bowl of Dongyang Noodles. The presentation of the food was good, with many elegantly shaped serving dishes and the odd stone pot. The soup was really nice, having a smooth, thick consistency and lots of Hangzhou flavours. The peas, however, were a little raw. We know that crunch is healthy and all that, but these peas just hadn't been in the pan for long enough for the flavour to be released. The chicken was quite the opposite. Beggar's Chicken is supposed to be cooked forever, but this one had been done forever and ever. The bones had kind of amalgamated with the meat so we couldn't find them, and the boneless pieces were dry and tough. Definitely not worth the 70 kuai we shelled out for it. The noodles were supreme, though, with egg and several shrimps and a base of seriously good stock, but do you really want to go to Shan Wai Shan for soup and noodles? You can order: * Prawns Fried with Dragon Well Tea 龙井虾仁 68RMB * Crab Meat and Tofu Soup 蟹粉豆腐 48RMB * Beggar's Chicken 叫花童子鸡 70RMB * Dongpo Pork 东坡焖肉 7RMB/person * Aunty Song's Fish Slice Soup 宋嫂鱼羹 12RMB/person * West Lake Water Shield Soup 西湖莼菜汤 26RMB * Fried Stuffed Bean Curd Paste 脆炸响铃 18RMB * Roasted Lamb Foreleg with Cumin 孜然羊棒子 18RMB/person * Deep Fried Pigeon 脆炸妙龄鸽 25RMB * Wild Mandarin Fish 野生鲑鱼 88RMB * Steamed Sea Scallop 清蒸扇贝 8RMB/person * Fine Chopped Ham Fried with Peas 火丁豌豆 28RMB * Smoked Pork Fried with Asparagus 烟肉炒芦笋 38RMB * Prawn, Sliced Chicken and Ham Fried with Mushrooms 三鲜麻 28RMB * Celery and Lilies Fried with Cashews 西芹百合腰果 38RMB * Dongyang Noodle Soup 东阳沃面 18RMB.

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6 Lingyin Road

0571 8799 8667

Opening Hours:
10am - 9pm

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