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Royal Elephant/泰皇小象
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Thai food addicts should already be keyed into the group of Thai joints near Hefang Street. In addition to the three already there, Royal Elephant has opened up in Datong Alley, and wow, it was satisfying. The MORE Team showed up hungry and ready to try everything on the menu.

We started with the snack platter (88RMB), which includes spring rolls, chicken satay, fried shrimp cakes, fried fish cakes, and banana leaf-wrapped chicken. A perfect way to start, but we didn’t waste much time before the curries arrived. The red chicken curry (48RMB) was a strong contender, but we especially loved the green curry with fish tofu and vegetables (33RMB). The most unique was the banana prawn curry (56RMB), and while bananas are an unlikely curry ingredient, they worked so well in this one. The braised eggplant with Thai paste (26RMB) was delicious, fried until slightly crispy and in a sweet and sour sauce. Rounding out our meal were a yummy pad Thai (32RMB), and an equally delectable mixed vegetables in coconut sauce (28RMB).

To drink, they have orange, mango, papaya, and watermelon juice for 20RMB per glass or 49RMB per pitcher. They also serve beers, soft drinks, and Thai iced tea. We didn’t have room leftover after the meal, but in the name of science we sampled a few desserts. We tried the coconut milk sago cake (18RMB) and the mango chang fen (18RMB). Both come with multiple servings, ideal for a small group. Parking is always a little tough around this area, so be prepared to walk a bit, but it will be worthwhile.

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15 Datong Lane, 22 Middle Zhongshan Road

0571 8780 3356

Opening Hours:

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