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Roots Healing Resort /热土养生庄园
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So I've been fasting since 2006, not continually, nor effectively because I'm a huge fatty, but I've done it eight times in four totally different places. Now many of the places I'm about to outline may have changed over the years so I can't confirm prices, but that's nothing you can't easily find out for online. I want to just give you an overall impression of each of the four places gave me. If you're interested, I hope to steer you in the right direction.

I went on my first fast after a rollercoaster of a couple of years after two totally unconnected people recommended I go to the same place in Thailand. I figured it was more than a coincidence, so I booked my flight and was off. Little did I know how much this would change my life. After a seven day fast, I felt literally like I had added five to ten years onto my life. It wasn't easy doing the colonics twice a day, but I got through it and it did me a world of good.

Price: Approximately 100USD/day)

I went to the same place for the next two years in a row because it was cheap, and it was all that I knew, so why not? After a while, I got sick of all of the American hippie talk, new age classes, and big business bashing going on there, so I decided to make a change, so on the fourth year of fasting I changed to a resort smack in the middle of Koh Chang, Thailand. This place was more my style. It was a bit more expensive, but justifiably so, because it was a resort unlike the bungalow hut place I started at. At this place I could go for a couple of days and say nothing to anybody complete silence. And after the fast, as I was coming out of it, they had the most amazing vegetarian food on this planet. If I have to die somewhere, it's going to be somewhere near this restaurant for sure. This resort was also a lot different from the first place I went because they required you to flush out your colon with a bucket of coffee infused water rather than the one liter bag the first place required. Let me tell you, it totally makes a difference. I went here for its professionalism, and the fantastic after-fasting food for another two years, but all of that irrigation was simply killing me. Seriously, a bucket of coffee. ( Price Approximately 140USD/day)

The third place in Thailand I tried was on the beautiful island of Phuket. This place came highly recommended by a friend. It's run by an American couple who pride themselves on their totally organic vegetarian food, and incredibly demanding exercise regime. Now exercise is something I was missing in the first two places and I yearned for it, but I wasn't ready for the extreme nature of the exercise program I would get there in Phuket. And it wasn't really a fast as the first two were. There was no fasting because you could eat your fill of organic vegetarian food every meal, but it was like a fast in my book, because all of those vegetables can get a bit boring after a while, and I was there for close to a month. ( Price Approximately 220USD/day)

Now while the first three places were great, and I would go to any of them again, I do have to warn they are in Thailand which is not the easiest place to get to. No matter you take Air Asia through Kuala Lumpur or not, it still takes about a day to get there and a day to get back including taxis and wait times at the airport. This leads me to my fourth spot located right here in Hangzhou. When I heard there would be a new fasting place right here in town, I was chomping at the bit, and after visiting the place for the first time to check it out, I realized I had finally found my place. This is a resort with five star amenities, seven star service, food equal to that which was found in Koh Chang, and moderate classes where you only had to speak if you wanted to. And the best thing was that I could do all of this cleaning out in three nights and four days, and be back at home within an hour of departure. I was in a dreamland from the moment the porter took my bags at the entrance. I threw my last cigarette in the river, and never looked back. Now finally there's a place where I can go to without having to waste any time at the airport. Now I do have to warn you guys that this place is quite expensive compared to the other three, but I didn't have to stay there for nearly as long as I had to stay in the former three, which in the end actually made it more affordable. And the fact that it's in Hangzhou, which gives you the opportunity to check out the place in person before going there is a huge plus. And then there was the service, the rooms, the beds, the personal attention, and the serene environment. Just go and have a look. (Price Approximately 560USD/day) 

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47 Xu Village, Nine Creeks

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8am - 11:30pm

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