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Qingtao, Shuangfeng Village Branch /青桃, 双峰村店
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With spring finally here, is there anything better than a yummy outdoor lunch in a beautiful garden; surrounded by bamboo trees and a spectacular view of the Longjing Hills? Cycle down to Hangzhou's Wild West - where bamboo forests and terraced tea fields replace tall buildings and bridges - and stop by the Qingtao Restaurant's newest location in Huangfeng Village (The first is located at 166 Lishui Road, just FYI) for some delicious and healthy pan-Chinese food. Red Chinese lanterns light your way to the entrance and the artsy, retro-style, garden with wooden tables and big green umbrellas that's accessible by a traditional, Chinese- style, rock stairway. Peeking in the indoor dining room you realize the place is owned by a bunch of artists, whom probably share a passion for biking, old Coca-Cola advertisements, and Beatles pictures. The menu is written on blackboards and offers a wide variety of choices to suit every kind of taste: traditional Chinese dishes, barbecued fish, and meat (Grilled Little Yellow Fish 烤小黄鱼 16RMB/each, Grilled Scallops with Minced Garlic 烤扇贝 9RMB/each) and more curious dishes like Mashed Potatoes 土豆泥 22RMB - artistically served on top of a leaf and in the shape of ice cream balls - Crispy Dumplings with Wild Vegetables Filling 荠菜包 5RMB/each, Grandma's Juicy Braised Meat Balls 外婆狮子头 38RMB, and Stir-Fried Spicy Green Tomatoes 清炒青番茄 18RMB - a deliciously uncommon sour taste. Don't miss the Bacon and Wild Bamboo Shoots Stew 土猪咸肉炖小笋 (58RMB) for the super-savory, yet MSG-free, broth alone. Health's important at Qingtao. They adhere to a strict policy clearly specified on the blackboard menu, no food additives or preservatives, only 100% fresh fruit juices. Try the scrumptious fresh Pomegranate Juice 石榴汁 76RMB/pitcher. It goes down so easily you'll end up ordering another pitcher. After eating, relax on the old-style metal swing, sip your juice, and enjoy the breeze and spectacular surroundings. Also your stomach will thank you for having been healthy without even spending that much! The total for 4 came to 394RMB including 2 pitchers of fresh fruit juice. No English menu, parking is available. We also recommend: Diced Pork with Soy Bean Sauce 招牌酱丁 26RMB; Pork Stewed with Spring Bamboo 草猪肉烧春笋 48RMB; Braised Pork 红烧土猪肉 48RMB; Grilled Saury 烤秋刀鱼 10RMB/one; Water Chestnut Fried with Eggs 马蹄煎蛋 22RMB; Signature Spicy Fish Soup with Pickled Vegetables 特色酸菜鱼 38RMB; Tomato Braised Beef 蕃茄烩牛肉 28RMB; Fresh Pear Juice 雪梨汁 38RMB/pitcher; Dragon Fruit Juice 火龙果汁 76RMB/pitcher.

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139 Shuangfeng Village, close to Jiqingshan Tunnel

0571 8799 7997

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 9:30pm

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