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Poutine New York Fries/纽约薯条
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Many people have rejoiced at the arrival of New York Fries, the latest international chain to appear on our doorstep (and maybe moving Hangzhou that one step closer towards becoming an international city!?). It’s a refreshing alternative to some of the bigger chains that offers something a little different, while also being fast, filling and economically viable.

As the name suggests, the speciality here is fries, available in various forms. Plain fries are served in generously-sized cups of differing sizes (17/21/24RMB) and can be paired with an array of dip flavours. While the plain fries are good, if you are looking for something a little bit more, their ‘meals’ are the standard fries with vegetable, meat and cheese toppings (plus a veggie option). We tried The Works (29RMB), a decent sized bowl of fries with sauce, sour cream, chives and cheese on top. The Italian Job Poutine (29RMB) we enjoyed slightly more, kept simple with large quantities of melted cheese and a thick pasta sauce. For the hungrier, a hot dog can be added for 19RMB to create a substantial meal.

Onto the dogs, of which there are six different variations. We went for the safe bet – the Chili Cheese Dog (25RMB), which was big enough to fill a hole and had plenty of cheese and chilli sauce. The baked potatoes seemed to have been cooked in a microwave rather than any sort of oven and are available with the same toppings as the fries (Italian Job, 25RMB). A soft drink (Fanta/Cola/Sprite) can be added to the hot dog, fries and potato dishes for 5RMB. For the seasoned eaters, the Ultimate Combo Meal contains a Bacon Double Cheese Poutine, any hot dog and a drink for just 49RMB.

NYF has a counter ordering system, and while you shouldn’t have to wait long for your food, the seating area is small, meaning it might be a bit difficult to find place during peak hours. If the weather is good, why not grab a Hot Dog and find a bench at the nearby West Lake.

New York Fries is located in the basement of In77. Smoking not permitted. Underground parking available.

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B1/F, In77, Hubin InTime, 245 Yan'an Road


Opening Hours:
9:30am - 9:30pm
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