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Perfect Coffee /品啡客
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With a name like Perfect Coffee, no would blame you for having higher than usual expectations. After all, who doesn’t like a perfect cup of coffee? And this rustic little retreat on the historic-looking, pedestrian friendly, Zhongshanzhong Road purports to have just that. After perusing the menu we were a bit crestfallen to find they didn’t actually offer anything called, Perfect Coffee. They do however offer two grades of coffee from around the world: regular and Cup of Excellence. We opted for a Costa Rican Cup of Excellence for 40RMB. It’s more than we care to spend on a single cup of coffee, it took almost a half-hour to arrive, and when it did, it was served in dainty English Rose Bone China worthy of Afternoon Tea with grandma, and like Afternoon Tea with grandma, it was okay. They also serve food which we would, in short, pass on, if for no other reason than this place doesn’t have a bathroom, though relief in the form of a relatively clean public toilet can be found a short 2-minute walk down a nearby alley. If you’re in the area and looking for a place to rest and recharge there are better options, unless you like Coldplay, namely the live version of, “The Scientist,” which plays after every other song on their short, looped, playlist. We were there for an hour and must have heard that song 8 times, so you know, they got that going for them. Free Wi-Fi. English menu.

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174 Central Zhongshan Road

0571 8709 9070

Opening Hours:
10am - 12am

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