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Papagayo, a real French touch. 

Owned by Eric, hailing from France. It started all because he wanted to have a place to invite friends for drinks and food, who would know selling airplane is his real business. He started this little venue in the summer of 2017 in Qingzhiwu, it quickly became the gathering point of the Frenchies, they would come after work, singing French drinking songs while enjoying their champagne and pâté on the baguette, if it's the weekend, it would probably starts from lunch time. After some major changes and decoration during the winter time, now Papagayo is more like restaurant that serves French food and drinks, it has a full menu from entrée to dessert. 

You can start with a glass of Ricard (15RMB) and the Foie Gras for 129RMB, or Charcuterie Platter for 189RMB, if you are going with a group of friends for aperitif, then the Cheese & Charcuterie Platter (560RMB) would be a great choice to go with a bottle of champagne. 

There is a variety choice of salad, Salmon Salad (108RMB), Tomato Salad and Tuna Potato Salad are both for 39RMB, if you are vegetarian, the Vegetable Salad (28RMB) is for you.

Their seafood is quite famous, The Ice Shrimp with French Mayonnaise (75RMB) provides good protein, sometimes when Eric would put on a special sales for Lobster, less than 100RMB, you can enjoy it cooked simply but nicely in butter and garlic. 

Speaking of French, of course the big things got to be the meat. Pork Chop in Creamy Mushroom Sauce (99RMB) is finger licking good. The Brochette Beef (88RMB) and the Chicken Skewers (88RMB) are great to share with friends. And let’s not forget to try the signature Bavette Frites (118RMB) and Côte de Boeuf (300RMB). Oh, you can also get the Galette Complète (59RMB) and Crêpes (45RMB) here too. To finish a nice meal, Crème Brûlée (45RMB) would be a happy ending. 

While in the summer time, what beats a glass of sangria or fruit punch? Get a pitcher of Sangria for 490RMB or just a glass of fruit punch for 35RMB. Rather than that, you can find a variety of beer and French wines here. 

Parking is available on the road side in Qingzhiwu

2020-06-04 19:40:16
2020-05-08 05:01:09
Papagyo is one of best and most visited place by food lovers.You can easily found food of your interest especailly in french touch which make this place more famous.pva account
2020-03-30 06:30:26
Luis T. Lambert
2020-02-19 20:08:16
Papagayo is a great place for foodies. I love to go there and they have the premium quality. I read from the australian writings about this place before and you are good to share this review.
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4-1 Qingzhiwu

0571 8703 9803, 186 6801 0808

Opening Hours:
11am - 3am

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