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Conventional gyms seem to be rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and simply spending an hour on a treadmill working up a sweat is no longer enough. OTeamFit is one such example of a gym aiming to change the way we view working out, offering tailor-made, personal training with some strong influences from Chinese martial arts.

Yaqi, the gyms proprietor, despite appearing harmless, could put me on the floor in a second. For almost twenty years, she has dedicated the bulk of her time and energy to training in Chinese martial arts and has even attended competitions as part of China’s national team. Her dedication to and love for martial arts led her to open a gym that uses many martial arts training techniques, plus the moves themselves.

The gym covers only a small space, but has all the equipment you would hope for. Although top of the range, these are used less in favour of taking advantage of the open floor space and one of their experienced trainers, all of whom specialise in their own unique area. This one-on-one ideology is not only to ensure you are working out correctly, as Yaqi explained to me, but also because “each person benefits differently from exercise, so of course the way we exercise should be different too.” With the combined knowledge of the team, a suitable workout can be used to maximise your workout efficiency. 

I was lucky enough to be given a quick trial class by Xiao Wu, a trainer whose speciality is in martial arts-related training. The workout included a warm-up of different movements across the floor plus a few basic movements of the Long Fist martial arts style. The workout included many slow, sweeping movements and was a good test in balance, as well as agility. More so, it was interesting to get a lesson in Chinese traditional culture and history while at the same time working up a sweat.

Trial classes are available and are free to try, with sessions starting from 400RMB. OTeamFit is situated near MixC in the China Resources building.

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Room 605, Building B, Huarun Mansion

157 1578 8529

Opening Hours:
6:30am - 11:30pm
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