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Call us fools, but we walked into One Bread expecting to find... well, bread. We were only disappointed for a moment though, as instead of loaves, buns and rolls, we were looking at a counter full of pastry. 

Here it really is a case of what you see, what you get as their long glass counter exhibits a trove of goodies straight from the oven. One Bread almost exclusively serves croissants and does a pretty good job at it too, with a large selection covering both sweet and savoury. Vanilla Cream, Almond Cracker, Mango, Mo Tea, Chocolate, Original (Plain) and Ham and Cheese all freshly baked and available to take away or enjoy in as you so please. Sticking with the tried and tested favourites, we got the Chocolate (16RMB) and the Ham and Cheese Croissants (16RMB). Both were great, although the savoury choice was the narrow winner for us, the melted stringy cheese and the light, crispy pastry a real delight. 

The single alternative to their croissants is the Raisin Roll (16RMB). Slightly crispy on the outside yet a little doughy in the middle and seasoned well, this was another of our favourites. It paired perfectly with their Iced Americano (22/24RMB) on a warm afternoon as we sat at the window and watched the foot traffic pass by. Cappuccinos (28/34RMB) and Lattes (28/34RMB) are available too in hot and cold forms. If you are not a coffee drinker, complimentary self-serve lemon water is available. 

One Bread is located in Wulin Road, and if you’re lucky enough to live or work nearby, you’d be mad not to put down the baozi and pick up a pastry to enjoy on your way to work. Alternatively, when hanging downtown gets a bit much for you, duck into One Bread for an hour and compose yourself while enjoying a reasonably priced treat and a beverage.  

Smoking not permitted, on street parking.

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129 Wulin Road

0571 8807 5886

Opening Hours:
9am – 9pm
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