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Old Folk’s Restaurant, Wulin Branch /老头儿油爆虾, 武林店
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You’ve heard of Green Tea, of course you have. It’s the place where you’ve got to line up for hours to get in, no matter which location you’re at. Well now there’s a place with similar attractions in a well-centered location on Wulin Road, but is it as good as the God of all restaurants? Well, not really, but the prices have definitely got to be compared to Grandma’s kitchen, which is to be reckoned with. When we skipped the line here, we were pleasantly surprised to see the menu, though it was in total Chinese, we’ve helped you guys out here on that one, because it was good and nicely priced. We started the evening with Celery Salad 来自马家沟的芹菜 (16RMB) which was nice, and then we had the Pickled Radish 酱萝卜 (8RMB). We were then served the Braised Pork and Deep Fried Tea Leaves with Bread 茶香五花肉配面馍 (28RMB) that was equally good which was followed by the Stir-fried Morning Glory with Garlic Sauce 蒜泥空心菜 (18RMB). And then we wondered why no more why people were lined up outside of the door when we got the Deep Fried Ribbon Fish 干炸带鱼-老头儿真传 (38RMB). Nor did we guess anything when the Old Man's Shrimp 老头儿油爆虾(河虾) (48RMB) came out, but our favorite dish of the evening had to be the Sour and Spicy Tofu Soup 酸辣肉丝豆腐羹 (12RMB) which topped the night by far. Okay, we’re getting close to Green Tea here, and eclipsing Green Tea here were the Shallot Stuffed Wrap 传统葱包烩儿 (10RMB). I mean how can anybody go wrong with that price. And to top it all off, we had the Coconut Smoothie 冰爽的椰子奶昔 (12RMB) and the Cola Iced Tea 阿汪调的可乐冰桔茶 (16RMB) to wrap it all off. Now that’s a deal, now isn’t it?

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Building 2, Hongda Hotel, 25 Jietansi Lane

0571 8515 1117

Opening Hours:
11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm

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