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New Yaya Restaurant/新鸭丫酒楼
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So you want to be a local. So you're a local and want something new. Here you go. Everybody knows Grandma's Kitchen and A Simple Diet. Sometimes you want a place that's simple, affordable and not that well-known. You've got it in Ya Ya. The woman in red opened up before South Hushu road had the KFC and the Pizza Hut, before all the new real estate went up. She opened up this little shop and was there every day from morning till late night. In that small window between lunch and dinner, you'd often see her catching a few Z's behind the counter. She was a woman determined to make her opportunity work for her. Her first shop was not easy on the eyes. It was a white-washed box with a kitchen and a dozen tables. The occasional cockroach would scurry by. The place got packed not because of its wrapper but because the food rocked, and a table of four could easily eat for under 100RMB total, Gold Siwo beer included. The woman in red didn't stop. Over the summer of 2006, she closed shop and renovated. Now it still has plastic tablecloths, but we haven't seen the bugs since, and the food has stayed cheap. Their menu is also so deep that you could eat there once a week for a year and not get tired of it. It's full most every lunch and dinner, but you don't have to wait on lines like you have to for the big boys. Guests might want to throw down the occasional baozi, and visitors could yearn for a burger, but they remember meals at down-home places like this. 

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152 South Hushu Road

0571 8880 8458

Opening Hours:
10am - 9pm

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