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Myungdong, West Town Plaza Branch/明洞全家, 西城广场店
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Myungdong Kalguksoo Shabushabu is a very famous restaurant chain from Korea. It has locations all over Korea, China, Southeast Asia and even Australia and Canada. This location at Season Square opened one year ago but only recently caught MORE Hangzhou’s radar. The restaurant has tatami seating, normal table seating and private rooms.

Their signature dish is Kalguksoo (卡古蘇, 38RMB), a noodle soup with a clear garlicy broth. The soup base and thick chewy noodles are made fresh each morning. Though the broth is light and clear, you do taste a definite beefy flavour from beef bones simmered for many hours. It would make a nice light meal, especially in the hot summer months.

Their other famous item is King Sized Dumplings (饺子王, 40RMB). These dumplings are huge, about 6cm in diameter! With a larger diameter, the volume is greater in proportion to the surface area. In other words, you get a dumpling with a lot more filling compared to dumpling skin. You can order six original (tofu, pork, green vegetable), six kimchi (kimchi, tofu, pork) or for 42RMB you can have a mix of both. The way Koreans eat this dumpling is to put it in your sauce dish, open it up and then pour soy sauce over it.

The Honey Chicken Wings (甜蜜鸡, 45RMB medium, 88RMB large) were very good, with a thick breading and tossed in honey garlic sauce. Spicy Rice Cake (现做辣炒年糕, 88RMB) had a good mix of ingredients – Chinese cabbage, beef, fish cake, broccoli and sticky rice cake). It’s served with a side of tempura, kimchi and ramen noodles. The soup is mostly sweet, with a light spiciness that builds up the more you eat.

Everything we had tasted good and Myungdong is a solid choice for Korean food. You can also have Korean hotpot here. The other two locations in Hangzhou are at Gemini International in Binjiang and Zhongda InTime City on Dongxin Road. Chinese only menu but there are pictures for every item.

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2/F, West Town Plaza, 551 West Wen’er Road

0571 8697 2282

Opening Hours:
11am - 1:30pm, 5pm - 9pm
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