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Mt. Korean Fried Spicy Chicken Restaurant/山·烤辣鸡韩国料理
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As far as we're concerned, 100RMB is a marker. When it comes to a meal, when each person has to fork out over a hundred for it, the meal should be damned good. It's really pretty hard to pay that much in any place unless you have a penchant for rare mud frogs, deer penis soup or kangaroo pouch. Of course there are the exceptions: All-you-can-eat and drink Japanese food (the drinks alone bankrupt the place); the atmosphere at Yee Chino (impress the most picky date); Sunday morning breakfast at the Hyatt (go early and heap it on); and Peppino (everything from the appetizer to the coffee). So as far as we're concerned, a lot of the places serving Korean food around town are just too expensive. They don't serve much, and it's often over a hundred a head. Not the case in this beauty just outside the back gate of Zhejiang University. It used to look like some strange spaceship out of a seventies flick, but since recent renovation, it's a pleasant place to dine from top to bottom. If there was something to complain about in it, we couldn't find it and neither could the other customers from what we could tell. We went twice last month (once early and once late), and they were packed both times. Having said that, you might want to avoid ordering too much; we fell victim to doing just that because of the low price and wound up leaving way too much on the table. We averaged 55RMB per person at each seating, but if you don't waste, you should be able to get it down to 45RMB at the most. The friendly owner/manager even offered to help us cook the meat himself. If you don't mind a little garlic, this place is definitely worth the trip.

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399 Xixi Road

0571 8797 0407

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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