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Don't be kidded into thinking that like its name, this place lacks originality, because that's the one thing Mr Beer has in abundance.

After parking the car on Beishan Road and a short walk along the winding fern-lined paths ofQuyuanFenghe (The lotuses in Quyuan Yard)we found sitting upon a wooden decked courtyard illuminated by deep amber spotlights and dancing candlelight a small glass-fronted, Japanese pavilion style bar - Mr Beer.

Inside shares the same ambience of peace, tranquillity and cool as the outside. At the bar of brass and illuminated frosted glass, a professional young chap - the owner of the bar - serves us a few pints of PaulanerMünchen, one of the four Belgium and German beers on tap. And good beers they are too. Although they all cost 58RMB, you aren't just paying for one of the best beers you'll have in Hangzhou, you're also paying for - or rather investing in - the perfect evening. But don't fret non-beer drinkers, Mr Beer also serves an eclectic selection of spirits, ranging from an 18-year mature Highland Park whiskey for 70RMB, an assortment of gins (perfect with tonic and cucumber) for 680-980RMB/bottleand of course, a number of classic cocktails including the popular Mai Tai, Moscow Mule and Mojito, all of which cost a very reasonable 50RMB. Mr Beer also serves a range of Japanese udon noodles, samosa and grilled lamb chop for between 28RMB and 48RMB.

There is plenty of spacious seating areas at Mr Beer for you to enjoy your drinks. Don't worry smokers, smoking is also permitted indoors. You can either opt for the L-shaped black leather sofa or barstool seating inside, or like us, on a crisp night, you can opt for the comfortable outdoor sofas on the deck surrounded byferns, ambientmusic, and according to the folktales of summer in Quyuan Yard, the sweet scent of lotus flower.

There are no toilets on site. There are public toilets only a thirty second walk away. My only qualm was the sloppiness with which the English was added to the menu and the occasional lack of pricing. But I can forgive it as Mr Beer really is the perfect evening retreat to escape the sounds and chaos of the city.

2015-02-24 13:15:42
Great location! It's cozy inside and incredibly scenic outside. Drinks are on the expensive side, but get there between 1pm and 8pm and those VERY tasty beers are half price! They have tasty 12 inch pizzas most days too now.
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20m on the right after enter the gate of Quyuan Fenghe at 89-7 Beishan Road (just about opposite of the KFC)

0571 8703 9898, 138 6741 9703

Opening Hours:
9:30am – 3am

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