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Mokumoku Tei /木木亭
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This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest places we've seen all year. Of course, the year has only just begun should be of no importance. Back to how utterly cool this place is. Mokumoku Tei is a Japanese tea house, to put it simply. However, it's virtually the same Japanese tea house you've seen in those gritty Akira Kurosawa movies. You know, the ones ensconced way up in the mountains, and way out of sight! Trust us when we say, finding this venue requires GPS coordinates, which we have thoughtfully provided for your convenience. To say this place is expensive would be unfair, since you're really paying for the experience first and foremost. It's certainly an experience too, with an environment that immediately swathes you in that strange mix of sterility and comfort that only the Japanese could pull off with such unique style. Upon entering, you'll see a tiny bar in front of you, and a large table seating eight in the corner of the room. There are three private rooms, including a tea ceremony room upstairs. There is no sushi in sight. Instead, a single-page menu with set meals is presented, with items breaking down into lunch (11am - 1pm, 50RMB - 100RMB per person), afternoon Japanese tea menu (1pm - 4:30pm, 40RMB per pot + one dessert), and dinner (begins at 5pm, set A 500RMB / set B 800RMB / set C 1,000RMB per person), need reservation a day before though. Our meal was during the day, and it was exquisite. Although we'd love to delve deeply into describing each item, we should point out the menu changes daily. Their two chefs with a combined 25 years experience in Japan are doing their best to keep things from getting boring. There's a very respectable selection of sake and Japanese whiskey at the bar. Private flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and Japanese classes are available, and eager students are already lining up to meet with the lovely owner and her husband for lessons. If you want to treat yourself to something you won't forget, we give Mokumoku Tei our highest possible recommendation. 

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72 Baileqiao

0571 8694 5699

Opening Hours:
11am - late
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