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Mitsui Teppanyaki /三井铁板烧
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If it’s one thing we’ll never tire of reviewing, it’s teppanyaki places. We’re especially fond of those places offering all-you-can-eat-and-drink deals, so when we found out there’s a new teppanyaki place called Mitsui in Building A of the Hangzhou Tower Shopping Complex offering just that, we got out our gorging bibs and headed downtown. Located on the 5th floor, Mitsui combines traditional and modern design motifs in a way that’s both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s the kind of place that, upon entering, prompts you to speak a little quieter, out of respect for the ambiance.   

On our trip we saddled up to our table where we were greeted by Mitsui’s head chef, who informed us he’d be responsible for cooking up our options from their expansive menu. There are 2 pricing options for the all-you-can-eat: 258RMB and 188RMB. We went for the 258RMB option so as to try everything. From the grill, we ordered the Iron Black Tiger Shrimp Salad, Steamed Razor Clams, Filet Mignon (cubed as per usual), pan-fried cod, cutlassfish steaks, grilled shrimp with lemon juice, and iron-fried tofu. Our chef worked seamlessly, showing the confidence of a seasoned professional and everything we had was cooked just right. Although we thought the portions were a little small, considering it’s all you can eat, it’s not that big a deal.

For sushi we order a California Roll, an Iron Fire Roll (which turned out to just be a tuna roll), a salmon roll, and crab roe sashimi (misleadingly listed on the menu as just, Crab). All of which was good, but we thought they could have been a bit more liberal with the amount of fish used in the rolls, as they were about 80% rice.

We washed all this down with some fresh-squeezed juice and some Asahi. If you’re ordering beer you’ll want to make it a point to specify you want that beer cold, because if you don’t, there’s a good chance you’ll get a warm one. And that’s just gross. Overall, we ended up having a nice meal with very few complaints and a lot of compliments, so if you’re day of upscale shopping at Hangzhou Tower leaves you feeling famished, give Matsui a try.

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5/F, Building A, Hangzhou Tower, 21 Wulin Square

0571 8515 3911-30210

Opening Hours:
11am - 3pm, 5pm - 9pm
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