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Mi Xian at Angsana /米仙
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Have you ever tried huang jiu, 黃酒, a.k.a.: yellow wine? It's often called the famous drink of Zhejiang province, but for many of us, it's known only as a vile potion that compares to a badly-botched batch of moonshine. (Now try and say that three times, without tripping over your ethnocentric tongue.) Whatever your thoughts may be on the subject, it's pretty safe to say that cooking with yellow wine isn't nearly as hard to imagine as drinking it. The MORE crew embarked on a trip to Mi Xian at Angasana, which is located next to Banyan Tree Resort, as well as being a stone's throw from the Sheraton Hangzhou Wetland Park Resort, and found ourselves faced with a menu featuring foods prepared using yellow wine, in some way or another. Chef Jacky Li was there to greet us, and he was highly enthusiastic about his creations. Actually, we were pretty excited too, after being assured that the yellow wines were not simply dumped onto the finished dishes, but were rather carefully introduced to the process of preparation, to bring about the most complimentary flavors. Feeling much better, we sat and began dining upon a very tasty feast of Poached Pork Tripe in Wine (48RMB), a cold platter of Poached Chicken in Wine (48RMB), Stewed Bean Curd Skin (28RMB), a succulent piece of Pan-Fried Codfish (88RMB), Sautéed Seafood with XO Sauce (88RMB), Fried Abalone with Chicken (98RMB), “Wetland Dong Po” Pork (28RMB), “Heaven” Vegetables (45RMB), Pian Er Chuan (S 38 / L 58RMB), “Local” Fried Rice (S 48 / L 78RMB), and of course a hot, ceramic, 500ml pot filled with 8-year-old Gu Yue Long Shan Fine Carved Yellow Wine. While some in our party couldn’t get enough of that sweet yellow wine flavor, others were less than turned on by this local libation. We’ll say it’s an acquired taste. However, the yellow wine inspired cuisine at Mi Xian Agsana will have us coming back for seconds.

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8 Westbrook Resort, 21 Zijingang Road

0571 8500 2000

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm
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