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Mexi is a new Japanese restaurant on Gudun Road near Lianhua Road. It’s located at the Underwater Commercial Street of Zheshang Fortune Center. The restaurant actually is underwater and through a glass roof you can see the pool above. This makes for a cool setting while you eat.

The restaurant is modern with neon lights and should attract a younger crowd. There’s a large fish tank in the main dining room and also a grilling station with charcoals where you can see fish being roasted.

Technologically savvy younger customers will like the ordering method. There’s a WeChat barcode on every table. You scan the code and then can enter their menu to choose items yourself. When you finish ordering, you will get a summary of what you have ordered, and you can also specify how many people are eating at your table. Mexi also plans to have paper menus later so people can have an alternative way to order.

We visited during their soft opening period, so there will be some changes to the menu before the actual opening. They will simplify the menu and focus more on the affordable, simple, popular items and average cost per person will be 100-200RMB.

Some of the dishes we tried and liked are as follows. The Tempura Shrimp roll was well filled with ingredients and it was nice that the rice layer was not too thick. A tasty special sauce was drizzled over the roll. The thick slices of Salmon Sashimi were fresh and the Flame Torched Fatty Salmon Sushi had a nice smokiness. The Onsen Egg was also delicious, a soft poached egg in a sweet broth that you drink all at once.

In the evenings, it’s a popular place to drink some beers and eat some grilled meat sticks. Parking is easily available in the underground parking lot. Park in the B2 section and you will be very close to the restaurant.

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105, B1/F, Zheshang Fortune Center, 97 Gudun Road

0571 8895 7799

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2pm, 5:30pm - 10pm
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