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Meander Tree Theme Resort/漫居主题度假酒店
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Before we tell you about the food on this particular visit, we feel it's necessary to warn you that driving a car there would be less than ideal, since this place is tucked tightly within a maze of hilly roads and alleys that made us want to abandon the ride in frustration, and hike the rest of the way. If you've already been to the Four Eyes Youth Hostel - details can be found by using the search feature on our website - then you've got a good headstart, because it takes serious navigational skills to make your way to this destination. Once there, however, you'll find the hostel surrounded by shops and other venues that cater to people who want to disappear for a while and enjoy the seclusion of Hangzhou's mountainous hideaways. One such spot is the newly-opened Manju Restaurant. If you're a fan of Hangzhou's milder (blander) cuisine, then you'll love the braised fish in a murky soup with unseasoned tofu chunks, or the equally insipid pot-braised chicken in a sinister-looking dark sauce. Glancing at the menu, we saw the prices range from 18RMB for vegetable dishes; to around 30RMB for standard main courses like stir-fried chicken; all the way up to the higher end, with 78RMB Hangzhou-style cold sliced duck. We thanked our hosts, and headed straight to the big wooden Pirate Ship Cafe, which is really hard to miss. It was a very pleasant surprise to step inside and find a totally kitschy and comfy watering hole complete with books, random board games, and even a miniature foosball table to while away the hours with. Unfortunately, the Pirate Ship doesn't have foods besides cookies, assorted nuts, and other bar snacks, but we were quite grateful to at least get a chance to recoup and prepare for the bouncy ride home. 

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58 Siyanjing, Hupao Road

0571 8797 9158

Opening Hours:
Restaurant: 7:30am - 9pm, Pirate Café: 12pm - 12am
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