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Maan Coffee, Wulin Branch/漫咖啡, 武林店
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Blue lemonade is trending in Seoul: that this sentence even exists is a testament to the times we live in. For the second month in a row we’ve hit a Korean place with waffles and blue lemonade. This month, it’s Maan Coffee, just off of Wulin Road, next to Triple-Os. A disclaimer: unless you are looking to submerge yourself in a 30-minute-line’s worth of Chinese girls eager to show the world how much money daddy makes, avoid anything that could possibly be construed as a peak time.


That being said, there is a reason for the hype and lines. Maan’s waffles are superb, and the whole experience is kind of fun, in a Chinese girl kind of way. Once you get to the ordering counter, you can scope out all the fake, but still very convincing, food behind glass and get your whole point-to-order on. If you don’t have arms for pointing, you can also read the Chinese-English menu above your head. Once you order, they give you a teddy bear because why not, and that’s how they magically identify you at your table when they bring out your order. I told you it was probably best for Chinese girls. NB: you can’t keep the teddy bears. Frowny face.


We had some blue lemonade obviously (30RMB), a BLT, Bulgogi burgers, a fruit waffle plate, and a chocolate waffle plate. Blue lemonade is just bubbly fresh lemonade colored blue. The BLT was pretty China-fied, with uncrunchy bacon, an egg, and mustard, so it’s not for the BLT purists in the crowd. Bulgogi is a Korean dish of beef marinated in soy sauce, sugar, and other spices, which lends it a pretty sweet, teriyaki-ish taste. Toss it between two buns with some cheese and mustard and you’ve got a bulgogi burger. The chocolate waffle, which came with two big scoops of chocolate ice cream, was honestly a bit of a choco-overload, but if that’s your thing, you’ll be in heaven. The fruit waffle had a nice mix of ice creams served alongside and was delightfully crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside; definitely a must-get. Waffles run around 70RMB and sandwiches around 50RMB, while coffees hover around the 30RMB mark. Parking ninjas will find space on side streets along Wulin Rd.

Marq Van S
2014-03-05 23:59:24
Best BLT anywhere. I drink black coffee so I cant vouch for the fancier versions such latte and cappochinos etc but as far as the freshly ground black coffe goes Sarbucks cant come close.Very friendly staff and exeptionally fast service. Bounus for me was Apple Pc's and smoking allowedm upstairs. Maan keep it up guys.
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Building 6, Queen’s Park, 277 Wulin Road

0571 8970 0377

Opening Hours:
9am - 2am

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